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Video Highlights from the FFG World Championship Weekend

Last weekend, we hosted some of the best and most enthusiastic players from across the globe during our FFG World Championship Weekend. We ran nine World Championship events for seven different games, debuted Star Wars™: The Card Game, and streamed live coverage of the event throughout the weekend.

Today, in case you missed the event, we’re happy to present some of our highlights and show you some of the games and players that made the weekend such a success.

Click the above icon to view highlights of the 2012 FFG World Championship Weekend (QuickTime, 18.0 MB).

Hungry for More?

It’s hard to encapsulate an event as rich as the FFG World Championship Weekend within a single video, but if you’re looking for more information and highlights, you have several available options:

Click the above icon to watch John Bruno share the secrets of his Joust World Championship deck (QuickTime, 16.6 MB).

We want to offer our thanks again to everyone who made the FFG World Championship Weekend a success. We’ll be updating our Hall of Heroes shortly to induct all of our new World Champions, and we look forward to seeing you at the FFG World Championship Weekend in 2013!

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