12 November 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

The Ruinous Hordes

Announcing the Penultimate Battle Pack in the Eternal War Cycle


From amongst the ranks of Marauders come some of the most deadly fighters in the world: the fearsomely armed and armoured Warriors and Knights of Chaos. Often gifted with unnatural strength and toughness by their gods, these fighters are feared the world over.     –Warhammer, “Hordes of Chaos”

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Ruinous Hordes, the fifth Battle Pack of the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

While the races of the Old World wage new battles and renew old wars between ancient rivals, a terrible threat masses. At the far north of the Old World, in the Realms of Chaos, warriors of bygone ages fight unending battles as time itself warps according to the perverted nature of the nightmarish land. There, mutated monsters breed, and roaming warbands gather in strength. With each of their raids south, the lands of the Old World are twisted and corrupted. Even when the Chaos hordes are driven back, the lands never fully heal. Now some Old Worlders claim they see an apocalyptic battle imminent, the final incursion, in which Chaos will spill forth and swallow the Old World whole…

How will the other races stave off the next surge of Chaos? The sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards) of The Ruinous Hordes give each of the game’s races new units and means to control the flow of combat. With their new tactics, Knights, War Machines, and Nobles, the forces of Order seek to mount a renewed defense against the forces of Destruction. Still, the forces of Destruction crash forward in waves of their own. The Orcs can afford their sacrifices, and the disciples of Chaos stream forward from their waste lands with new units, missions, and the leadership of a powerful new legend.

With the fate of the Old World at stake, the new cards from The Ruinous Hordes make the battles of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game faster, more ferocious, and deadlier than ever!

King Alrik

Throughout the Eternal War cycle, the Dwarfs develop the tools to launch an interesting new racial strategy based around unspent resources. It’s an interesting strategy because it flies in the face of standard wisdom. Conventional wisdom teaches us that unspent resources are bad; our goal is to make maximum use of every single resource we generate. By spending wisely, we can develop our kingdoms, our capitals, and our armies. With larger armies, we can win our wars.

Sometimes, however, the element of surprise outweighs raw economy. Sometimes, if he’s given the chance to shine, a single Warrior can turn the tide of battle. Take King Alrik (The Ruinous Hordes, 88) as an example. He’s a Dwarf who’s all about the element of surprise. At three resources and three loyalty, King Alrik isn’t cheap, especially when you consider that he’s restricted to the Battlefield and has a whopping zero power. It almost makes you wonder why you’d run him at all…Except he also has the following line of text: "This unit gains [POWER] for each resource you have in your pool." If there’s one thing the Dwarfs are good at, it’s mining for gold. Whether you build up resources through traditional supports and units in your Kingdom or accelerate your developments into a timely Innovation (Core Set, 119), King Alrik can convert all that wealth into your opponent’s destruction.

The Eternal War cycle gives us other means of saving up resources to bolster King Alrik in combat. The Dwarfs gain units with the Raider keyword who plunder resources when they survive combat, and a Dwarf Ambush card also helps you stockpile wealth. But after King Alrik strikes a hefty blow on the attack or in your capital’s defense, it’s true that you’ll still feel better if you don’t just scatter all your resources to the winds. That’s when you’ll want to Open the Armoury (The Ruinous Hordes, 90) and play your units or supports out of the standard turn sequence. A deck that pairs Open the Armoury and other tactics with King Alrik may be able to have the best of both worlds – a powerful strategy built around resources held in reserve, and a sound economy built upon the efficient expenditure of all your resources.

King Alrik and Open the Armoury are just two examples of how the forces of Order are developing new strategies to confront the forces of Chaos. You can look for them to lead the Dwarfs’ new armies when they confront The Ruinous Hordes.

The Ruinous Hordes is scheduled to arrive in the first quarter of 2013. Until then, keep checking our website for more Warhammer: Invasion announcements and previews!

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