9 October 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Glory of Days Past

Announcing the Fourth Battle Pack from the Eternal War Cycle


“You must learn to be cunning, for the slow-witted will be defeated by clever tacticians. You must be ruthless, for the honour-bound will lose the battle before it starts. But above all you must learn to be merciless, for we cannot allow weaklings to thrive while traitors still hold our ancestral lands.”     –Warhammer: Dark Elves

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Glory of Days Past, the fourth Battle Pack from the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

The races of the Old World all have rich histories and hold ancient customs and traditions that date back many millennia. And in a world of eternal war, these races each harbor ancient enmities. As the races of the Old World continue to seek new means of routing their old foes, Glory of Days Past presents them with sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards) that explore their traditional strengths while continuing to develop new strategies based around dynamic battlefield phases and the Ambush and Raider keywords.

As ceaseless battles deplete each army’s resources, the Dwarfs rely upon the riches of their mines and the talents of a legendary runesmith to forge new defenses. Elite Greenskin Warriors and Cavalry surge forward in an endless tide of violence. Men of the Empire ready to meet them with both Spells and steel, though the forces of Chaos seek to corrupt every army’s mightiest heroes. High Elf Mages seek to protect themselves and their armies by harnessing the Eight Winds, but their dark kin, the Dark Elves, draw strength from their hatred and malice.

Marked for Death

One of a few powerful, inexpensive attachments in Glory of Days Past, Marked for Death (Glory of Days Past, 78) allows the Dark Elves to combine two of their favorite things – death and destruction.

For quite some time, the Dark Elves have excelled at two different strategies, unit control (usually through hit point reduction) and deck destruction. However, while their strengths in deck destruction have won them many fans among the Warhammer: Invasion player base, discard decks have remained a good distance behind unit control in high-tier competitions. This is, of course, because unit control directly interacts with the cards your opponent plays onto the table while deck destruction seeks to win by an alternate victory condition and disrupts opponents’ strategies mostly by randomly discarding key cards.

As a result, fans of Dark Elf deck destruction have often adopted a good measure of unit control into their decks, striking a balance between the two archetypes. Now as the Eternal War cycle seeks to further enrich players’ engagement with their opponents, Marked for Death makes such hybrid decks more efficient and, in turn, promotes the raw malice embodied by Dark Elf discard.

The Dark Elves see no reason to wage battles in the open when assassins can perform the important executions just as well. They see no reason to let a man live when his death might serve their purposes. And they see no reason to suffer even the slightest remnant of their enemy’s armies to live when utter annihilation will ensure their foes never again trouble them.

Thirst for Vengeance

From the cold lands of Naggaroth, Dark Elf assassins are moving into position. Soon, Warhammer: Invasion players everywhere will feel the sudden sting of their poisoned crossbow bolts.

Ancient enmities burn hotter than ever, fueled by the memory of ancient glories. Glory of Days Past arrives at retailers everywhere in the first quarter of 2013!

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