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A New FAQ for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game is Now Available


The 2012 Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game World Championship Tournament will be held at the FFG Event Center in Roseville, MN next month. In anticipation of this exciting event, we are releasing the Warhammer: Invasion FAQ 1.9 (pdf, 5.9 MB). This update includes a few errata, a couple of rules clarifications, some questions and answers, and a much needed update to our turn sequence. These changes will help ensure that the 2012 World Championship will be a thrilling test of deck-building and game play!

Click the thumbnails above to download FAQ 1.9 (left) or a printer-friendly version (right) (pdf, 1.3 MB)

Building a Better Capital

Let’s start with the errata. This FAQ includes three new errata to Temple of Ulric (Shield of the Gods, 108), Mage of Loec (Portent of Doom, 90), and The Unending Horde (Rising Dawn, 6). The Temple of Ulric has been limited to once per turn to prevent players from abusing its ability to switch quests in play with quests from hand to draw infinite cards with quests like Recruiting for War (The Imperial Throne, 120). The Mage of Loec has been reworded to place its cost before its effect to limit the number of times its ability can be triggered. Lastly, The Unending Horde has also been reworded to make it clear that units can only be returned to play with its effect if they were attached to it at the time it was triggered. These changes clarify the way the cards were intended to be played and ensure more balanced interactions in the game.

The most exciting feature of this FAQ is the updated turn sequence. FAQ 1.9 introduces Phase 5: End of the Turn. Previously, a player’s turn ended immediately after his Battlefield phase resolved, but this created problems when players gained additional Battlefield phases in the same turn through card effects such as Bash ‘Em! (The Chaos Moon, 26). Separating the End of the Turn phase from the Battlefield phase eliminates the confusion that resulted from those effects.

These changes will ensure that Warhammer: Invasion tournament play remains the fast-paced, fun experience that it always has been, and we look forward to hosting the FFG World Championship Weekend in November. If you have any rules related questions, please post them on our rules questions thread on our message boards.

    –Caleb Grace, Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Lead Developer

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