4 October 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Wield Your Own Shield of the Gods

The Final Battle Pack from The Bloodquest Cycle is Now Available


The Shield of Aeons is a massive artefact made from a material originating deep within the volcanic heart of the Fire Islands. So enormous was the slab from which the Shield was cut that a dozen Kroxigor were needed to haul its bulk to the Lustrian mainland and many generations of Skink artisans laboured to carve it out.     –Warhammer: Lizardmen

Shield of the Gods, the climactic final Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Throughout The Bloodquest Cycle, the races of the Old World have undertaken quests to discover Artefacts of astounding power, and their discoveries have further fueled the ferocious combats of their ongoing wars. But even as these Artefacts strengthen their armies, even as new Heroes and legends take to the battlefield to lead their troops, the outcomes of their battles may hinge upon the successes of the units they commit to strategic new quests to discover weaknesses and launch surprise assaults, alter supply lines, and inspire the troops to greater savagery.

Shield of the Gods introduces three new quests for the forces of Order and six new units to undertake quests and lead the charge on the battlefield. Each of the races also gains strength from support cards or tactics, and the ancient Lizardmen draw power from their Trinkets of Gold (Shield of the Gods, 115). When the races of the Old World get their hands on Shield of the Gods, their wars will be fought in new locations, with new weapons, and under the direction of devious new leadership…

Guest Writer Torsten Krämer on Anethra Helbane

Legends are iconic and powerful, often with unique effects. They are fun. Yet we rarely see them in competitive decks. Why?

Most legends require a major investment. The match might be over before you can afford them. Even if you can play one, it might not live to see your next turn. Or if you’re in the position to play a seven-cost legend, without having to worry about its survival, the game is probably already decided anyway.

Thus, the legends that are most likely to appear in serious decks are the ones with built-in defenses, like Ungrim Baragor (Fragments of Power, 22), or those that can go immediately on the offensive. Kurt Helborg (The Accursed Dead, 42) can let you rain tactics so powerful that you can win the game the turn you play him. Eltharion the Grim (Rising Dawn, 2) can unload so much indirect damage that your opponent may be forced to destroy his units. For these legends, offense is the best defense.

So when you consider playing a legend, you have to consider its cost and its survivability, as well as the strength of its effects and how quickly you’ll be able to benefit from them. That takes us to the new legend in Shield of the Gods. Anethra Helbane (Shield of the Gods, 102) is costly and fragile. But her effect is amazing.

Anethra's card draw can net you defensive measures or allow you to launch heavy assaults against your opponent, which can, in turn, limit his capability to strike back. Just like Eltharion, she might provide for her own defense in a roundabout way. Then, if she sticks around for several turns, her ability should help catalyze your victory.

This alluring Druchii lady can refill your hand not only during your turn, but also during your opponent’s, allowing you to move swiftly through your deck and find the very best cards. Anethra allows you to play a handful of inexpensive cards, then draw and do it again immediately. She also has great synergy with cards like Call of the Kraken (City of Winter, 95) or Windcatcher Prism (Vessel of the Winds, 61), which let you empty your hand for a benefit before you draw anew, and she can let you play Barbed Snares (City of Winter, 86) in rapid succession.

Anethra is a legend that demands attention. And you know how Druchii can be if they don't get what they demand…

Thanks, Torsten!

Get your hands on Anethra Helbane and the other great cards from Shield of the Gods now! This climactic final Battle Pack from The Bloodquest Cycle is available now at a retailer near you and online through our webstore.

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