24 October 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Drinking in Days of Blood

A Warhammer: Invasion Spotlight by Guest Writer Torsten Krämer


Soon, with the release of Days of Blood, the first Battle Pack of the Eternal War cycle, we’ll get units sporting the new Ambush and Raider keywords, other units using the new experience mechanic, our first Mission quest, and of course the first of the cycle’s new, inexpensive legends.

The last cycle concluded with a Dark Elf legend, the beautiful Anethra Helbane (Shield of the Gods, 102). The next cycle begins with a Dark Elf legend, the not-at-all beautiful Crone Hellebron (Days of Blood, 1).

While we are not shallow and don’t care about appearances, Hellebron herself cares deeply. That Morathi (Legends, 37) forbids her from using the Cauldron of Blood (Core Set, 109) to regain her youthful appearance makes Hellebron bitter and vengeful…even by Drucchii standards! And in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, Hellebron comes ready to take her anger out on your opponent's deck.

Bitter Old Crone

When we first got a glimpse of the new legends, all of whom share a unique drawback, the question on everybody’s minds was: Will they be worth it? Are the advantages they offer good enough to make up for having to burn three zones to win? In the case of Hellebron, there might be no need to ponder this. Who cares about burning zones when your goal is to run your opponent out of cards? Of course, you still need to attack to benefit from Hellebron’s effect, but you can be more opportunistic, striking at whichever zone happens to be weakly defended, spreading the damage among all three of them.

Hellebron and other upcoming Dark Elf cards might soon give deck destruction strategies the edge to be competitive on the highest level. She will not only help revitalize this strategy, she will also offer players their first chance to see how they can benefit from the Eternal War legends and the early power they lend all your zones. These legends will be interesting, too, because they allow you to make earlier use of cards that depend on a legend.

Take Artefacts for example. If your deck includes Hellebron, it surely will benefit from Eye of Sheerian (Portent of Doom, 81) or The Liber Mortis (The Accursed Dead, 41). If competitiveness isn’t all you care about, note that the hag queen Crone Hellebron, high priestess of Khaine and leader of the Frenzied Witch Elves (Chaos Moon, 35), fits perfectly into a witches deck both in terms of fluff and strategy.

Nobody Gets In

With a coven of witches set to invade Invasion, how does Days of Blood help the forces of Order deal with such menacing new threats as Hellebron? The High Elves send a new Dragon to the battlefield, the Empire sets up watchtowers to gain strategic advantages, and the Dwarfs work steadily toward building a perfect defense…With Doors of Karak Hirn (Days of Blood, 6) they take a big step toward their goal. This unique support not only limits Hellebron's opportunism, it will interfere with many an opponent's plans by forcing him to face focused defenders and Fortifications in the other zones if he can't tear down the Doors – a task that only becomes more difficult the longer it takes!

Thanks, Torsten!

Look for Crone Hellebron, Doors of Karak Hirn, and other new units, supports, and tactics to shake up the battles of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game when Days of Blood arrives at a retailer near you!

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