The World Championships Are Nearly Here

Pre-Registration for the FFG World Championship Weekend Closes This Sunday

The FFG World Championship Weekend is now just around the corner! This November 9th – 11th, we’re hosting the greatest and most enthusiastic players from across the globe in the World Championship Tournaments for seven fantastic games:

Pre-registration for this event ends this Sunday, October 28th, so don’t wait any longer. The FFG World Championship Weekend is loaded with all-new opportunities for attendees, so register now, and make your plans to join us!

Not yet convinced? Read on to learn more about the exclusive and exciting events of the FFG World Championship Weekend.

Star Wars: The Card Game™ Learn-to-Play Tournament

In addition to three days of sterling competition and camaraderie, all players who compete in our World Championship events will get custom participation prizes, such as those we’ve already shown for A Game of Thrones, Dust Tactics, and Warhammer: Invasion. However, when you pre-register, you get more.

Pre-registered attendees get a free FFG World Championship Weekend t-shirt and the opportunity to participate in the World’s first-ever tournament for Star Wars: The Card Game™!

On Sunday the 11th, at 1 PM, before Star Wars: The Card Game is even available for public release, sixteen players will sit down to battle for the fate of the galaxy. Borrowing pre-constructed decks for the Jedi and Sith factions, players will demonstrate their mastery of the Force™ in a tournament that tests skill over deck-building.

How will you learn the ways of the Force? We’ll have demos of the game starting on Friday and running all weekend. Furthermore, pre-registered attendees can challenge FFG staff members to games of Star Wars both Friday and Saturday and win a chance to qualify for Sunday’s tournament. Just look for the FFG staff members sitting at the designated Star Wars: The Card Game tables and challenge them to a game! You’ll get a demo, a chance to learn the rules, and a chance to qualify for Sunday’s learn-to-play tournament.

While players will have to return their demo decks after the tournament, we will have other prizes available.

World Championship Premieres

The Star Wars: The Card Game introductory tournament isn’t the only debut event of note at the FFG World Championship Weekend. Far from it!

This last year has been a terrific success for our Organized Play program. Organized Play enjoyed tremendous growth both in participation and its number of games. At the FFG World Championship Weekend, we’ll host the first ever World Championship Tournaments for three new games!

The histories of these games are yet to be written. Their legacies are wide open. Who will be their first World Champions? Will it be you?

Dust Painting Contest

Hosting the FFG World Championship Weekend at our headquarters in Roseville, MN allows us to dedicate more time and energy to these World Championship events than we have been able to give them in past years.

Among other things, this affords us the opportunity to host a painting contest for players and fans of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare.

At the FFG World Championship Weekend, your Dust armies can pull triple-duty – in the fast-paced board game battles of Dust Tactics, in the gritty tabletop miniatures action of Dust Warfare, and in the Dust Painting Contest!

Les Shorey’s Best Painted Walker from our 2011 Dust Tactics painting contest

Entires will be accepted from Friday at 3 PM through Saturday at 11 AM. Awards will be announced Saturday at 12 PM.

The Details:

  • There will be two categories: squad and walker
  • Contestants may enter one or both categories
  • Squad entries should contain a complete squad as per the Dust Tactics or Dust Warfare rules. Entries may include an attached hero.
  • Contestants may use any miniatures from Dust Tactics and its expansions and include no pieces from other companies’ miniatures. Contestants may modify miniatures with their own custom sculpting or modeling.

Our panel of judges will select a winner based on technique, style, neatness, general aesthetic, and faithfulness to the theme of brutal combat in the most inhospitable regions of an alternate 1940s reality.

Video Coverage of Select Events

Hosting the FFG World Championship Weekend at our headquarters also allows us to put our games – and players – on a larger stage than ever before.

This year, our Worlds finalists will take center stage in front of a global audience. We will have live, streaming coverage of select matches throughout the weekend, and we’ll have additional video coverage of all our championship events. This year, when you’re the best in the world, others will know.

This also means that fans unable to attend will be able to live vicariously through their friends via the internet. It’s not as good as being here in person, but it’s the next best thing. And it’s all a part of our efforts to make the FFG World Championship Weekend as strong, fun, and exciting an event as we possibly can!

Don’t miss out on the fun, games, and camaraderie of the FFG World Championship Weekend. Register now!

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