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FFG World Champions Design Their Own Prizes

With just a few short weeks remaining until the FFG World Championship Weekend, it’s time to start thinking about what our World Championship Tournaments will mean for the futures of your favorite games!

This November 9th – 11th, players of A Game of Thrones, Android: Netrunner, Call of Cthulhu, Dust Tactics, Dust Warfare, and Warhammer: Invasion will converge on Roseville, MN from across the globe to compete for the title of World Champion. At the same time, they’ll also be competing for the coolest prize in gaming…the right to design a card or miniature and add it to the legacy of their favorite game!

Legacy Prizes

FFG World Champions gain the extraordinary opportunity to make an indelible mark upon the games they love best.

The winners of our World Championship Living Card Game® tournaments will be able to work with our LCG design team to create a card that will appear in a later expansion. World Champion cards are fully tournament legal, meaning that if you win, you will have the chance to use your card to vanquish future foes!

Pre-register now for a shot at the World Champion title in your favorite game:

Likewise, our 2012 Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare World Champions gain the incredible opportunity to work with Paolo Parente and our developers to design a miniature for their games. Then, not only will we make this miniature available for future tournament play, Paolo Parente and Vincent Fontaine of Dust Studio will present the winner with a one-of-a-kind, custom-painted copy of this miniature!

Pre-register now for a shot at the World Champion title and this unique opportunity to design a custom miniature!

Your Shot at Glory

Over the past several weeks, we’ve opened the doors to our Hall of Heroes and inducted several of the most renowned champions headed to the FFG World Championship Weekend. Will the right to steer the future of your favorite game fall into the hands of one of these returning champions? Or will some unknown challenger rise from the masses to claim the World Champion title? Will it be you?

You have to participate to win, so pre-register now for the FFG World Championship Weekend. Pre-registration closes October 26th, so don’t delay!

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