Retailers, Support a World Champion and Reap the Rewards

Send Your Players to the FFG World Championship Weekend

Attention Retailers: The FFG World Championship Weekend is nearly upon us, and you can take part in the action while building your local player community – at no cost!

When you officially support one or more of your local players in their trip to Worlds, you help establish the community that stands at the foundation of our Organized Play program. To show our appreciation, each retailer that endorses one or more players headed to the FFG World Championship Weekend will receive materials to run future demos of one of the games included in our Organized Play program:

  • A demo kit including a free copy of the game’s core set
  • Advertising postcards to promote your demo event
  • The game’s current Game Night Kit

Additionally, each retailer endorsing a pre-registered player will be called out on our supporters’ banner during the World Championship Weekend. But hurry! Pre-registration closes October 26th.

Finally, players don’t conquer the world without practice, and we want to acknowledge the communities that help them grow. If the player you endorse wins a World Championship, you will receive a “Home of Champion” trophy for display in your store, and you will be mentioned in that player’s Hall of Heroes entry!

Establish Yourselves Among a Growing Community

This last year has been a stellar one for Organized Play at Fantasy Flight Games, and more retailers than ever before have built and encouraged their local player communities. This was reflected during the Regional Championships tournament season, which broke all previous records, with events held across sixteen countries. With a full year of X-Wing™ and Android: Netrunner ahead of us, as well as the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Card Game™, 2013 is shaping up to be even more exciting.

Of course, this year’s Organized Play isn’t complete until the end of the 2012 FFG World Championship Weekend held November 9th – 11th in Roseville, Minnesota. This open tournament already has confirmed attendance of players from across the USA, and from as far as Spain, Germany, and France. It's shaping up to be the perfect end to an incredible year, and now your store can be a part by endorsing a future World Champion!

Ready to Endorse a Player? 

There is no cost! Simply have your player declare your store as his or her supporter when registering for the FFG World Championship Weekend.

  • Your store may endorse any number of players. 
  • Each player who has purchased a ticket the FFG World Championship event may declare a single store to be their supporter.

Players, Support Your Local Retailers!

Players, when you attend the FFG World Championship Weekend, be sure to declare your allegiance to your local retailer. Simply enter your store’s name, location, and email address in the notes field when you pre-register. Even if you have already pre-registered, you can email organizedplay@fantasyflightgames to identify your retail supporter and help bring new games to your local gaming community!

Get involved now! The FFG World Championship Weekend is only one month away, and pre-registration closes October 26th.

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