9 January 2012 | Arkham Horror Fiction

Cold Comfort

Announcing The Lies of Solace, an Arkham Horror novel by John French

The brass door handle turned without a noise. His heart hammering, Dr. Fields pushed the door inward a couple of inches. Light spilled out into the falling night. He could not see much through the finger wide gap. There were shapes, moving shadows, swaying in flickering candlelight. Dr. Fields moved his face closer to the opening, hearing the surge of sound from inside.

“Gul’ngh’fltqa,” rose the chanting in soft, guttural unity.

“There is a way, and it can be opened,” came a lone, loud voice, edged with a purring accent.

“Itaq’ghl’n’hl!” The sounds were like the grinding of broken ribs in a shattered chest. They made Dr. Fields shudder in the warm summer night air. He did not know what language they chanted, or if it was a language at all, but it ran through him as if those sounds contained something primordial, something that touched the deepest instincts within him. Though he had not bent his knee in a church for many years, he knew the power of faith, but he had also met his share of quacks and charlatans. He did not believe in the supernatural and superstition—they were just the remnants of lies that people had been telling themselves for thousands of years, lies to give solace or create fear. Reason and science defined the limits of the possible, everything else was delusion. But, as he listened to the sounds, one word stuck in his mind: unholy.

Disturbing visions

Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Lies of Solace, the second novel in the Lord of Nightmares Trilogy! Based in the Arkham Horror universe, this disturbing tale explores the depths to which desperation and tragedy can plunge us, and the grim consequences that await those who surrender to grief and pain.

When Jacqueline Fine experiences disturbing visions of a robed man before the crumbling edifice of a city, she's determined to prevent her nightmare from becoming a reality. Meanwhile, an Arkham doctor tries desperately to save his only daughter from the hands of a dark cult, and a distraught bootlegger attempts to unravel the mystery behind the sudden silence of his fiancée's letters. Will these three strangers be able to save everything they love from a terrifying future, or has their suffering only just begun?

Printed copies of The Lies of Solace even include an exclusive offer for a special Elder Sign card! For more information on this exciting tale, visit our The Lord of Nightmares Trilogy website. Then, look for The Lies of Solace on store shelves in the second quarter of 2012.


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