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There’s old heroes and bold heroes, but there aren’t any old, bold heroes. Well, except for me, of course.     –Aleksander Schmidt, the self-proclaimed Hero of Schondheim, retired

The Old World is a brutal and bloody place. Throughout the Empire, tensions run high as some interpret the spotting of the Twin-Tailed Comet as a harbinger of doom. They fear the End Times are at hand. While the Beastmen grow restless, Chaos cults rise up, and bands of Chaos marauders test the Reikland’s borders, the Empire faces terrific threats at all sides.

In this time of peril, brave adventurers from the Empire and its allies stand as beacons of light amid the darkness. Many are extinguished along their journeys and during their trials, but some heroes survive, grow in power, and shine brighter than others.

Hero’s Call introduces new rules for the best of the best. Those heroes who have honed their skills to tremendous mastery may find themselves risen to the pinnacles of their career, promoted to the most prestigious ranks of their organisations, and recognized by passers-by on city streets. These heroes have truly reached the heights of power, and in Hero’s Call, you’ll be able to advance their continued adventures with new careers, spells, blessings, and talents. When they’re not too burdened with their new responsibilities, some of these epic heroes who win battle after battle still thirst for more.

Channel the winds of magic and invoke the wrath of the gods

Among other things, the expanded rules from Hero’s Call allow players–for the first time ever in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay–to use spells and blessings of Rank 4 and 5. Wizards and priests will gain new abilities for every Order and Faith. These powerful effects permit characters to accomplish feats rare and strange enough to marvel even the greatest adventurers.

However, controlling such power often comes with an inherent difficulty. Many of the new action cards in Hero’s Call, particularly Epic action cards, gain additional difficulty modifiers in the form of results symbols, rather than dice. These results are then added directly into the results pool as if they had been rolled.

Additionally, wizards and priests gain a full selection of new Order and Faith cards. These new talents may only be purchased by characters of Rank 4 or higher, and once you’ve acquired them, your character can swap between two Order or Faith abilities whenever you like.

Perfecting their skills

Wizards and priests gain tremendous ammunition in Hero’s Call, but they’re not alone. All characters of Rank 4 or higher can benefit from the new high-ranking careers and their extra talent sockets. Available only to advanced characters, these new careers permit your characters to rise above the masses, and you’ll gain greater ability to respond to the challenges facing you with the extra focus, reputation, or tactic talent cards the new sockets afford you.

You’ll also be able to draw upon new Advanced defenses, Epic actions for characters of all persuasions, Enhance cards that allow you to gain additional benefits from your actions but at increased risk of failure, and new skill mastery options, which permit automatic successes at simple and easy checks.

Answering the Hero’s Call

With the tremendous new powers available in Hero’s Call, your characters may be able to stand against the Epic Threats that seek to defeat them. An adventurer’s life in the Old World is not an easy one, but neither is it boring. For those war-worn and combat-tested heroes not jaded by their myriad battles and encounters with Chaos, new pinnacles of power await them in Hero’s Call.

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