3 January 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Fortified by Fury in the City of Winter

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


Upon the thermals of the sacrificial pyres soar the Harpies–winged beasts with a savage, primeval beauty. Some claim they are the souls of slain Witch Elves given form, others that they are a manifestation of Khaine in his aspect of the predator. They are creatures of Khaine, that is for sure, for they delight in the tormenting of their victims and feast upon raw flesh.     –Warhammer: Dark Elves

The Dark Elves have hatched new schemes behind the vast walls of Naggarond, the Tower of Cold. Now they stand poised to launch ferocious, new assaults from their City of Winter.

City of Winter, the fifth Battle Pack of The Capital Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game focuses on the Dark Elves and their cold-hearted thirst for vengeance. The Dark Elves gain new units, tactics, and a new quest dedicated to raiding and reaving their enemies’ decks, along with a new Capital Center where they plan their enemies’ total annihilation. It’s not enough for the Dark Elves to see their foes defeated; they must crush them utterly in both body and soul.

Eating away the life essence

While the Dark Elves seek new means to rout their foes, they gain powerful new means to eat at their foes’ life essence, a strategy at which they already excel. The new Dark Elf Fortification in City of Winter, Harpy Aerie (City of Winter, 93) gives would-be attackers reason to reconsider their assault of Naggaroth. Its ability to give two negative hit points to any target unit attacking its zone means your opponents will have to think carefully whether or not they can afford to sacrifice a character to attack the zone, or if they think they can keep enough hit points on their units for them to survive the attack.

Combined with cards like Malekith’s Throne (Omens of Ruin, 17) that also penalize your opponent’s units’ hit points, the Harpy Aerie allows you to snuff the life out of nearly any attacking unit. Of course, while you may enjoy the protection your Harpy Aerie gives you when it prompts your opponent to hold off on any attacks, when you play the Dark Elves, you probably want blood. In that case, you’ll need an element of surprise in order to lure your opponent to send attackers at your fortified zone, and the tactic We Need Your Blood (The Skavenblight Threat, 14) can soften up opposing units, letting you then feed them to your harpies.

Later in the game, when your opponent can send multiple units against your zones, you may wish to support your harpies by directing a Black Dragon Rider (March of the Damned, 27) to the same zone. While it’s opposed, either as an attacker or defender, all units in the same zone suffer minus one hit points. The Black Dragon Rider can stop swarms of one-hit point units all on its own and, in conjunction with the Harpy Aerie, can provide formidable defense against some of your opponent’s most stalwart units.

Look for the Harpy Aerie to bring Khaine’s influence to the battles of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. City of Winter is coming soon!

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