24 January 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

City of Winter Unleashes the Chittering Horde

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


The Skryre weapon team aimed their multi-barrelled gun at the Dwarfs and activated the warpstone gas pump that powered the weird machine. The weapon’s first burst cut a red swathe through the Dwarfs… The Skryre engineers started to cackle maniacally.     –Warhammer: Skaven

City of Winter is scheduled to release tomorrow, and once this Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Battle Pack full of Dark Elf malevolence hits the stores everywhere, it will unleash new cruelty upon the Old World. Recently, we’ve seen upcoming cards that grant the Dark Elves tremendous resource acceleration, rip cards off their opponents’ decks, and bolster their defense against attacking units. Still, the Dark Elves hold more secrets in store.

While servants of the Empire, the Dwarfs, and the High Elves attempt to discern what schemes the Dark Elves have conjured in Naggarond, the most evil city in the world, some rumors have reached their ears suggesting the Dark Elves may have forged a tenuous new alliance… or enslaved a new breed of “ally.”

Skaven technology

Biding their time for the ideal moment to pour forth from their sprawling underground warrens and take the world by storm, the Skaven have worked hard to ensure their race exists as no more than rumors among the surface races. Still, if they were to lend the cunning ingenuity of their Skryre engineers to the Dark Elf armies, they might finally drown Ulthuan in a sea of High Elf blood.

The new Ratling Gun (City of Winter, 98) combines well with the numerous Dark Elf cards that reduce enemy units’ hit points, including their new Fortification, the Harpy Aerie (City of Winter, 93). But while the Harpy Aerie is limited to the defense of the zone to which it was played, the Ratling Gun can fire across your capital to target all attacking units trying to lay siege any of your zones. Additionally, the Ratling Gun is non-unique, so in a deck full of rabid Skaven, you can fire up to three Ratling Guns to lay down some truly dreadful suppression fire. You can then uncorrupt all your Skaven with a unit of Rat Ogres (Tooth and Claw, 55) and crush your opponent’s dreams of getting attackers safely into your capital on his next turn.

A Ratling Gun attached to Clan Moulder’s Elite (Tooth and Claw, 57) finally gives this fantastic attacking unit some defensive utility, and while you’re playing Skaven units to utilize the gun, you might consider including the Skaven Hero, Deathmaster Sniktch (The Deathmaster’s Dance, 79) to mop up any of your opponent’s units that manage to survive the barrage of Ratling Gun fire. Furthermore, because the Ratling Gun bears the Skaven trait, it increases the Deathmaster’s lethality, and you can search for it with Chittering Horde (Path of the Zealot, 36).

An unholy alliance

Whether you’re trying to win by discarding your opponent’s deck or by slowly building up enough power to burn your opponent’s capital, the Dark Elves have long been a race well-suited to control decks, snuffing out their opponents’ characters to choke their resources and eat away at their hands and decks. An alliance with the Skaven and their dread Ratling Gun might finally give them the means of holding their foes at bay long enough to hatch their grandest schemes and subjugate the Old World.

Are the rumors true? Are the Dark Elves of Naggarond forming an unholy alliance with the mysterious Skaven? Only with tomorrow’s release of City of Winter will the Empire, Dwarfs, and High Elves learn the full extent of the Dark Elves’ nefarious bid for power!

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