12 January 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Fragments of Power

Announcing the second Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle


“By Sigmar, we will resist the evil forces that would see Mankind fall with every drop of our blood, every thrust of our blades, every ragged breath. There can be no failure in this battle for the fate of the world.”     –Emperor Karl Franz

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Fragments of Power, the second brutal Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

The armies of the Old World collide in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. As the Empire and other forces of Order oppose the servants of Chaos, the Greenskin hordes, and the cruel Dark Elves, mighty visionaries undertake quests to recover mighty artifacts, hoping their power might turn the tides of battle.

Fragments of Power introduces new units, attachments, and tactics that provide powerful benefits to your army while you control a Hero or legend. New nobles, warriors, priests, and creatures arrive to fill your ranks, and quests become more varied and important than ever.

The power of the gods

Before he transcended mortality, Sigmar led armies as a mighty barbarian chieftain and united the twelve greater tribes of men to rule as the first Emperor of Man. Thus, he ruled, wise and true, though ever he remained a warrior at heart. Eighty years after his birth, his thirst for adventure led him to leave his court and journey eastward. He was never again seen in the lands of men, and he passed into legend. People of the Empire built temples and shrines in his honor, and he was soon worshipped openly as a god.

One of the goals of The Bloodquest Cycle is to provide tangible rewards for quests. We’ve already seen the new quest, Heroic Task (Rising Dawn, 20), which allows you to quest for any card from your deck. Now, if you can complete your Heroic Task, you can claim the powerful new attachment, Descendant of Gods (Fragments of Power, 36). With it, your legends may defend your borders like never before even as they approach immortality.

Dwarf players find a new legend in Fragments of Power, one truly worthy of claiming heritage as a Descendant of Gods. Should the Dwarfs choose to undertake a quest, they’ll also find support from the Master of Maps (Fragments of Power, 23). This Priest can help you find your way to victory, allowing you to play an additional Limited card each turn that you play a quest from your hand.

Begin your quest

Many who begin these quests will die before they meet success. Still, those who succeed may return to the battlefield as heroes, leading their forces to battle with uncovered Fragments of Power.

Look for Fragments of Power to shake the foundations of the Old World when this Battle Pack arrives in the second quarter of 2012!

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