10 January 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Flayed Alive in the City of Winter

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


“Pluck out their eyes, burn their flesh, flay the skin from their backs; I want to hear them scream before we cut out their tongues.”     –Koureth Blackheart, Dreadlord of Har Ganeth

The Dark Elves of Naggaroth have many foes, and despite all their talents, dark allies, and salves, their greatest strength in the wars they wage is their unending hatred for all other races. Where others may grow weary from endless war, the Dark Elves’ boundless loathing for their foes steels their resolve to the tasks before them. They do not seek merely to win battles or wars; they intend to enslave the whole world to their will, or die trying.

Blood and vengeance

Dark Elves in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game have long distinguished themselves with two deck themes–hit point reduction and discard. Each theme lends itself toward the Dark Elves’ cold and calculating efforts to control the Old World, and the Dark Elves have, accordingly, been primarily a “control” race. They leave the blind and frenzied rushes to the Orcs.

In our first preview of City of Winter, we saw the Dark Elves’ new Fortification, the Harpy Aerie (City of Winter, 93), and its ability to forestall and control attacks against the zone it defends. Today, we look at the Dark Elves’ discard theme, revealing first a new tactic that stands among the best discard cards available to the Dark Elves’ or any race, Barbed Snares (City of Winter, 86).

If you put three copies of Barbed Snares in your deck, along with three copies of Bathe in the Cauldron (Fiery Dawn, 117), and play all of them, you’ll discard a minimum of twenty-one cards from your opponent’s deck. However, the true strength of Barbed Snares lies in its ability to recycle to the top of your deck. Provided you can draw enough cards to stave off your opponent’s assault on your capital, you can play your Barbed Snares turn after turn, quickly accelerating your opponent’s precipitous journey to the bottom of his deck.

Enslave the best. Flay the rest.

A discard deck presents its player with both interesting advantages and interesting challenges. Because the discard deck seeks to win by a less common victory condition (rather than burning two zones of your opponent’s capital), it can often catch your opponent unprepared. Defenses assigned to zones may prove entirely worthless. Furthermore, because it sends cards to your opponent’s discard pile before he can draw them, it stands a good chance of disrupting key card combinations. However, most of the cards you play to discard your opponent’s deck do nothing to prevent him from burning your zones. Ultimately, you still need to play units in order to survive the onslaught.

In order to maintain a razor focus on the discard, you can look for units like Mortella (Assault on Ulthuan, 27) and Alluring Chosen (Chaos Moon, 36) that provide synergies with the discard strategy. Combined with classic Dark Elf tactics like Seeking New Slaves (The Silent Forge, 17), these units let you profit from your opponent’s losses.

When it all comes together, your Barbed Snares and Dark Elf discard strategy brings a hateful glee to the Dark Elves in their City of Winter, especially to the chosen few fortunate enough to receive invitation to the Court of the Witch King (City of Winter, 94).

A discard deck doesn’t just win; it disembowels combinations, trashes your opponent’s resources, and flays your opponent’s decks alive.

Look for the Dark Elves from the City of Winter to break their opponents’ spirits when this Battle Pack arrives later in the month.

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