8 September 2011 | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Secret Societies

Meet all the wrong people in this preview of Lure of Power


“You’ve heard the saying, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?’ Well, it’s also what you know about who you know, if you catch my meaning. People always has a few more secrets than you think they do.”    –Klara Vogel, barmaid

Lure of Power brings you cultists dedicated to Slaanesh and idle nobles with too much money to fill their empty lives. With so many such individuals crammed together in one book, it only makes sense that we’d see them work together to conduct illicit activities, veiled beneath the surface veneer of respectable society. While secret societies can exist in many forms and for many reasons, some entirely innocent, Lure of Power focuses on several of those that are rotten at the core, despite their outward appearances.

That’s not fish, is it?

One of the two sourcebooks in Lure of Power, Liber Ecstatica introduces GMs to five sample secret societies, developed and ready to be seeded into an existing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign. You can use them as adversaries and sources of intrigue in your adventure, or you can place them at the center of an entire story arc designed around exposing the corruption at their centers.

Characters can try to discover the darkness at the root of the Young Blades and their foppish behavior or the unsavory secrets of the Gourmand Society’s dinner club. They can study the latest medical theories, join artisans promoting their crafts, or help members of the lower classes pull themselves up by their bootstraps… but none of the organizations dedicated to these causes functions without a nefarious, hidden agenda.

Join the ranks

Perhaps the best way for characters to explore and expose the influence of the Old World’s secret societies is to join them. Lure of Power provides GMs and players with optional mechanics for membership in secret societies. Each of the five secret societies introduced in Liber Ecstatica is represented by a Secret Society sheet, which tracks a character’s progress through the secret society’s ranks and identifies all attached benefits the membership bestows.

These are groups founded on deception, however, and characters who delve deep enough may find themselves horrified by the awful truth that lurks at the society’s core. It is a difficult task to reach the Inner Circle of a society and learn the secrets its founders and Inner Circle members work to shelter, and characters who manage this task will find it another daunting task to extricate themselves from the society.

Secret societies in your campaign

Lure of Power provides players and GMs not only with five developed secret societies and mechanics for character membership, it provides you with ten new social careers, perfectly suited to exploring the intricacies of social encounters within the Old World’s cities and noble circles. In our next Lure of Power preview, we’ll take a look at some of these careers, so keep checking our site.

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