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A spotlight on The Game Preserve, an Indiana retailer

All over the world, retailers are working hard to build up the hobby game industry. Last time, we introduced you to an Alberta-based retailer; today we will be highlighting The Game Preserve, with four locations in Indiana!

The Game Preserve Monday – Saturday: 10am to 9pm Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Our Mission

The Game Preserve is a family of four stores located in Lafayette, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Greenwood, Indiana. The Game Preserve started in 1980 in Indianapolis, where it was founded by Kit Newkirk. The store is now owned by Bill Lorton, with daily operations overseen by Steve Board. The mission of The Game Preserve has always been to delight our existing customers while attracting new ones by operating game stores that offer outstanding selection, expertise, and organization, and that practice kindness as their important value.

With that mission always in mind, The Game Preserve is a professionally run business where you will find cleanliness is a high priority, and where neat and orderly product displays are to be expected. This isn’t your typical gamer’s basement setup.

The Game Preserve carries a wide variety of products from family and hobby game categories. We are always on the lookout for new, interesting and unique games that we think would both accentuate and amplify the gaming experience for everyone.

Changing With the Times

Times have changed from 1980 to now. When The Game Preserve first started, Kit’s intention was to have a store that sold a variety of Chess, Backgammon and Checkers sets and the like – thus the zebra head knight-like emblem as our logo. There was one register and her first store was at a house in a sleepy Indianapolis neighborhood called Broad Ripple. Now, each store has a facebook page where the managers and staff keep in touch with all of their customers. We have a community site ( we use to keep our customers informed about upcoming events and product reviews. We also have an online retail presence both through our website and

The Fashion Mall Commons store is a sponsor of The Spiel (, a game review podcast based in Indianapolis and founded by a former employee, Stephen Conway and a current employee Dave Coleson. The Greenwood store, started in 1998, is the largest in square footage of all the stores. Both our Bloomington and Lafayette stores began together in 1994 due to the popularity of Magic: The Gathering, and have become staples in their respective college rival cites.

A Mainstay

In those 30 plus years from then to now, we have seen game companies come and go. Some to no one’s surprise, others were part of the evolutionary process of the gaming industry. With the internet’s implacable growth over the past decade and a half, the gaming industry itself has seen more game development than ever before. And Fantasy Flight has not only kept its head above all others in the ever-growing crowded room of game publishers, but has become one of the supporting pillars of its corner of the industry. Fantasy Flight is an integral part of our “strat” line of products. From Twilight Imperium to The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, a customer will discover Fantasy Flight is a mainstay to any Game Preserve. FFG has not only embraced technology but has incorporated it into the local game store’s establishment.

When we first heard about the Fantasy Flight Media Center, we were intrigued. The Media Center has been an interesting addition to the Game Preserve – Fashion Mall Commons store. Over the past year since it first arrived it’s been more than a simple curiosity. Mainly, customers have used it as a library of sorts trying to find that game they “heard about” or learn about a game that they’ve never heard of. It’s been a unique experience to see customers interact with the Media Center and look up different games.

Being in business for over 30 years means The Game Preserve is here for the long haul. One thing that won't ever change is this: The Game Preserve treats all customers with respect and graciousness. The Game Preserves are clean, well organized stores that are friendly, fun, and welcoming to anyone... veterans to games and rookies alike. Kindness is part of its foundation and will continue on long after other game stores have come and gone.

If you are a retailer who is interested in participating in our Retailer Spotlight and having your store featured, or if you are interested in more information, please contact [email protected].

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