Two Locations, Two Atmospheres

A spotlight on Carta Magica, a Montreal based retailer

Our Fantasy Flight Retailer Spotlight features stores across the world that reach out to their customers in unique ways. Last time, we introduced you to an Indiana-based retailer. Today, we’re pleased to spotlight Carta Magica, a Montreal store. Let’s hear from manager Jean Baptiste Montpellier!

Store: Carta Magica 916 Boul. Decarie H4L 3M4 St-LaurentQuebec Canada

Contact Information: 514.508.9099 www.CartaMagica.Com [email protected]

Hours of Operation:     Saturday through Tuesday: 11am – 6pm  Wednesday through Friday: 11am – 9pm

Carta Magica, which has now been in business for over 15 years, began with a simple mission: to bring people out of their houses and create a community of players that have fun, play, trade, and interact in real life contact. We have since moved to a larger location, which features a gaming room to correspond with our core mission. For the past six years, we have been proud to say that our primary store offers the biggest gaming room in the province, with over 2,000 square feet and over 100 places to sit down and play!    And we just recently realized another dream as well, by opening our second store in a new city. Our goal for the new store is to attract more casual players, since our first store (with its frequent tournaments) now tends to cater to a competitive crowd. Since our primary goal is to bring people together, we truly believe this second store is delivering more of a casual feeling, and we have built this store (with our own hands) in this fashion. More lights, more casual nights, and more board games.     A different focus

We believe this store will be the headquarters for board games, rather than CCGs and tournaments like the primary store. I was also named manager of this new location because of my knowledge; the owner of Carta Magica gave me everything to succeed in creating a new feeling in the gaming industry.

After only two months of business, we have over 40 seats, as well as over 20 games available for customers to play. We have also started our board game night for only $2 on Wednesday night, which includes a free coffee and/or soft drinks with the access of our library. We just had our first boardgames tournament, ''gosu,'' which was a bigger success than anticipated! Of course, we also offer Yu Gi Oh! and Magic: The Gathering nights, but our goal is to dedicate a night to board game players at least once or twice per week.

The Fantasy Flight Media Center has been successful in our primary store. We even have plans to add one at our secondary location, where it will help reflect our focus on board games. We already sell more FFG products there, and we look forward to what we can do with a second Media Center!

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