27 September 2011 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Forces of Chaos Marching to War as One

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


They may worship the God of Blood or the Father of Plagues, they may enact their patrons’ petty rivalries and battle amongst themselves for supremacy, but when they march to war, united by the will of the mightiest of their kind, they fight and kill as one.    –Sebastine Letrange, quillkeeper of Languille

In an earlier spotlight on Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, we explored several cards soon to sow Chaos and corruption with the release of The Inevitable City. Among them, we previewed the Hero Khorvak Grimbreath (The Inevitable City, 6) who allows corrupted units you control to attack from any zone.

This week, we look at some of the ways The Inevitable City provides a significant boost to Hero characters and forces with great loyalty.

The cost of loyalty

In Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, units with strong loyalties can be tricky to play, especially if you want to make them central to your deck. Khorvak Grimbreath can sow tremendous chaos with his ability to allow your corrupted units to attack from any zone, but you’ll need a hand full of cheap Chaos cards to get him out early in the game. The question ultimately becomes whether you think you can afford his high loyalty, which, initially, appears to be a considerable drawback.

But if, at first, your answer is, “No,” and you turn away from cards with high loyalty costs, your answer may change if you can suddenly make good use of his loyalty once he’s in play. Willpower (The Inevitable City, 19) makes your commitment to the forces of Chaos and their powerful Hero a win-win proposition. Not only do you gain his powerful ability, but you get additional Power for each loyalty icon. Khorvak Grimbreath’s loyalty to Chaos can lead to some nasty surprises as his one Power suddenly rockets up by another four. With two copies of Willpower, Khorvak Grimbreath can burn a zone all by himself.

The mightiest of their kind

Hero cards get another little boost in The Inevitable City with Ancient Stegadon (The Inevitable City, 17). Because players can’t play more than one Hero to a zone, there’s a natural limitation to the number of Hero units a player may build into a deck. You don’t want to draw units you can’t play, but Ancient Stegadon may encourage players to test the balance of of Hero cards they can put into their deck. At six cost, it’s not very likely to see a lot of play, even though it brings three power and five hit points to a zone, but if you have a Hero in a zone, the Ancient Stegadon can play to it at a three-cost reduction, making it a highly-efficient attacker or defender.

Fight and kill as one

Willpower and Ancient Stegadon let players set aside some of their petty concerns about deck-building and just play with power! Take advantage of these and other cards from The Inevitable City to turn some of your weaknesses to strengths, catch your foes unprepared, and lay them to waste with the power of Chaos.

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