30 August 2011 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

City of Blood

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


The city was built of dark madness. It stretched across the land to fill me with dread, for the path I trod would bring me to its portal. The city stones had been quarried from the night and in all their details and dressings they celebrated wickedness. Eternity had served as architect, engineer and mason to the city’s masons, and had guided all their levels and plumblines. I turned my feet towards the far horizon, and still the city was before me. [...] With each freshly chosen course I drew nearer to the city gates, and its towers and walls loomed higher.       – Liber Malefic, The Inevitable City

Welcome to another spotlight on Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! Back in May, we announced the upcoming release of The Inevitable City, the first Battle Pack in The Capital Cycle. Whereas past expansion cycles have striven to balance their inclusion of cards for all six factions, The Capital Cycle takes a bit of a departure from that goal. Each of its six Battle Packs focuses primarily on one faction, devoting nearly half of its sixty cards to those forces. The first pack, The Inevitable City, is centered on Chaos.

A mark of dark favour

We’ve already seen some of what The Inevitable City will bring to players of Chaos; In May, Warhammer: Invasion developer Lukas Litzsinger offered this brief overview:

[The Inevitable City introduces] an interesting twist on corruption. While the Skaven already use corruption as a cost for many abilities, Chaos takes this one step further. Since Chaos seeks to spread corruption across all of the civilised (and not so civilised) lands, it made sense for corruption to be a sign of favor from the Dark Gods, and provide benefits for corrupted Chaos units. With Khorvak Grimbreath (The Inevitable City, 6) in play, you may think twice about your target for Seduced by Darkness (Core Set, 99) or Daemonsword (The Warpstone Chronicles, 95).

Along with providing certain benefits to corrupted Chaos units, The Inevitable City goes even further still by incentivising the act of corrupting them. The Bleeding Wall (The Inevitable City, 11) is a two-cost Location that lets you turn your own corruption into a deadly weapon against your foes. With it, cards like Screamers of Tzeentch (The Inevitable City, 10) can become even more deadly. Warpstone Meteor (Core Set, 96) is also a dangerous complement to The Bleeding Wall, as it can provide half the resource tokens needed each turn, along with a target for the Wall unless your opponent damages his capital.

Look for The Inevitable City on store shelves later this quarter, and keep checking back for more on The Capital Cycle in the coming weeks!

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