Minions of Slaanesh

Enjoy all the best life has to offer in this preview of Lure of Power


The priests of Sigmar preach that the True Gods play on the base emotions of men, but it is Sigmar who rules through Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the different, but even worse: fear of ourselves, fear of our own power. I throw off those shackles of fear; I live a life fuller and richer than any of the Sigmar-fearing sheep. I dare to be great, I dare to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous. I strive for perfection. If that is heresy, so be it. I may die, but at least I have lived.     –The last words of Bertholdt Freude, executed for heresy

Because their own desires start them along their paths to Chaos, the human minions of Slaanesh are the most numerous of the many servants of the Ruinous Powers in the Old World. Though their corruption begins in the pursuit of a greater depth of sensation–the cleanliness of aesthetic control, the lover’s caress, the feeling of power during a killing blow–Slaanesh fuels these extremes of emotion and experience and feeds upon them.

Lure of Power introduces the slaves of sensation to your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign.

Driven to perfection

Slaanesh exerts influence over individuals of all races and walks of life. No one is immune to the Dark Prince’s temptations, though some are more likely to attract his attention than others. Liber Ecstatica, one of the two source books in Lure of Power, examines the different ways that people may be drawn to Slaanesh’s service.

Nobles who enjoy the freedoms their positions offer but fail to fill their idle time often enter in pursuit of raw sensation, using their power to enter unholy pacts and dabble in all manner of taboo activities. While warriors often venerate Khorne, the God of Blood and Murder, many who seek refinement in the art of killing look to the Dark Prince, finding beauty and balance in the stroke of a sword. Scholars find themselves drawn to Slaanesh’s dark blessings as they make sacrifices and pursue knowledge about nameless deities and unfathomable forces behind the creation of the world. The Empire’s holy leaders must check their own ranks, too, for the Dark Prince revels in the corruption of those who are outwardly pure.

A power both great and wondrous

Many who receive the gifts of Slaanesh go mad from the power or are destroyed body and soul. Those who survive, however, receive more than physical mutation; they move towards a perfection of every aspect of their pursuit. Lure of Power introduces some of these minions, both mortal and daemonic.

Daemonic servants of Slaanesh are both terrifying and beautiful, entrancing those who stare at them. They exude a hideous beauty that can overpower mortal minds. Even the lesser servants of Slaanesh, whose bodies are perverse and hideous things, move with exotic grace and emit sensual sounds that can overwhelm even the strongest resolve.

GMs will find exciting new adversaries in Lure of Power to throw against their players. Lesser daemonic servants, greater daemonic servants, and those mortal servants who bear the Dark Prince’s mark all find their way into the pages of this perfect supplement.

Social adversaries

While Lure of Power allows players to explore richer social encounters than ever before, the minions of Slaanesh fit seamlessly within the new adventures. They can be great and striking leaders, opposing characters on more fronts than just the battlefield. Secret societies of the Dark Prince’s followers advance their nefarious agendas, and those who hide their mark may continue to hold their positions in the Old World, exerting their corrupting influence from within the very organizations dedicated to defeating them.

Get ready to face your wildest desires when Lure of Power arrives in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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