Black Fire Pass Is Now on Sale

Introduce dwarf rune magic, engineering, and grudges to your campaign


King Gadbrak hereby instates a grudge against the entire Yellow Foot tribe for daring to exist in a place which Grungni himself has preordained for dwarf settlement.     –The Karak Azgaraz Book of Grudges

Find what dangers and riches await you amid a region of sharp black glass cliffs and noxious mists of Black Fire Pass. This supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore!

The two detailed books of Black Fire Pass present a comprehensive exploration of dwarfs, the hold of Karak Azgaraz, and Black Fire Pass itself. The Book of Grudges introduces new rules for runesmithing, dwarf engineering, and nine brand-new dwarf careers. Black Fire Pass also presents the rich history of the dwarfs, details the geography of Black Fire Pass itself, and introduces adventure and episode ideas for GMs as well as a complete adventure set within the region’s dangerous confines.

Bring old grudges to bear

Discover new campaign ideas with the old grudges of Karak Azgaraz. Enmities abound as the dwarfs have outstanding scores to settle with the orcs and goblins of Black Fire Pass, the elves, and many others!

The Karak Azgaraz Book of Grudges lives and breathes with the karak’s history. Each year, King Thuringar Orc-hewer addresses an assembly in his throne room to identify those grudges which have been settled and to recite those which have been added over the previous year.

Chief among those grudges the king has entered and not yet resolved is the great grobkul he called forth against the nasty skulkers who assassinated his father and elder brother. King Thuringar Orc-hewer has called for one thousand times one thousand goblin skulls to pay for the crimes they committed against the dwarfs of Karak Azgaraz. His thirst for vengeance has led the dwarfs to such feats of war as to concern all their foes with the strength of the Hold of the Fearless Axes.

Prepare for battle

In a region born from violent volcanic eruptions, black cliffs flank a gaping chasm of contorted lava. Black Fire Pass is simultaneously a chink in the armour of the Empire, the favoured path for invading armies, and a vital trade route, connecting the Empire with the remaining dwarf karaks, Tilea, and the wild Border Princes. This is a realm between the Empire’s prosperity, dwarfen legacy, and the savage attacks of marauding orc and goblin tribes.

Black Fire Pass is a must-have addition for fans of dwarfs. Capturing the stubbornness, secrecy, and conservatism of these stout and stoic warriors, rules for rune magic open up exciting new play opportunities. You can now play a dwarf runesmith and draw upon the secrets of the dwarfs ancient and guarded magic to forge powerful runic items and wield them in battle. Additional rules cover dwarf engineering and inventions, allowing characters to utilize innovative tools of war.

Sample our preview articles on rune magic, mountain adventures, and ancient grudges to get a stronger taste for Black Fire Pass. Then sate your thirst by picking up a copy at your local retailer or online at our webstore.

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