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A spotlight on Game Kastle, a California-based game store

Our Fantasy Flight Retailer Spotlight features stores across the United States who reach out to their customers in unique ways. Last week we introduced you to a Denver-based retailer; today we will be highlighting Santa Clara’s Ray Wisneski and his store, Game Kastle!

The staff at Game Kastle have a customer service philosophy that makes their hobby gamers feel like family. To this store, community is everything. Let’s hear about Ray’s store!

Game Kastle

Address: 1350 Coleman Ave. Santa Clara, CA 95050 Telephone: (408) 727-2452 Website: www.gamekastle.com Email: [email protected], or for events: [email protected]

Store Hours:

  • Monday - Sunday: 10am - 9pm

For gamers, by gamers

Game Kastle began seven years ago off a quiet corner of Santa Clara. Current owner Ray Wisneski, remembering the game stores he grew up in as a child, wanted to create the type of game store in which he would want to spend a great deal of time. At first it was just him, flying solo, working nights and weekends, but his dedication to that goal began to attract steady groups of regular players who appreciated a game store with the “for gamers, by gamers" attitude and the free play space. Steadily, Game Kastle blossomed from one man’s vision into a thriving gaming community.

As the player base expanded, so did Game Kastle’s retail stock. Soon the shelves and racks were packed with miniatures and board games. The business side began to eclipse available gaming space, yet the owners and their ever-growing staff of Game Kastle was unsatisfied, and unwilling to compromise its customers.

To ensure their thriving gaming community could grow and prosper further, Game Kastle relocated to their now current and much larger location. Today, Game Kastle is the epicenter of the South Bay gaming community. In keeping with its dedication to the gaming community, it offers an expansive stock of roleplaying games, board games, card games and miniatures games as well as in-house demos, tournaments, ample free play space, and a friendly staff eager to help you with any of your gaming needs.

All your gaming needs

Committed to offering the broadest and best selection of games and miniatures, Game Kastle keeps the veritable finger on the pulse of the hottest, most sought after product as well as the endearing, esoteric side of our beloved hobbies. From the latest, and greatest FFG release to that hard-to-find line of miniatures, Game Kastle carries it all. Game Kastle’s vision has always been to offer a fun, family-friendly environment for all gamers of all ages, and we’d love for you to come and visit us!

Recently, Game Kastle received one of the exciting new FFG Media Centers. We stationed it near our entrance for quick and immediate access. Whether they desire to play a witch hunter in the Old World city of Altdorf, slap on arctic battle gear and follow a team of Light Panzer Walkers into the thick of combat, or seek out what horrors haunt Miskatonic, customers and staff are excited about how informative and helpful the FFG Interactive Media Center is. You will also be sure to find the complete range of Fantasy Flight Games product lines fully stocked on our shelves.

The Game Kastle family

We live by a Cheers philosophy, where we learn every customer’s name and welcome them with an honest and warm hello when they enter the store. Game Kastle’s focus has always been and will always be the gaming community. To support our community, Game Kastle possesses thousands of square feet replete with tables, chairs, and a plethora of terrain for war gaming and roleplaying. Our community is our family, and we strive to create a fun, friendly environment that everyone can enjoy.

Dedicated to the vision of a store “for gamers, by gamers”, Game Kastle organizes monthly leagues and tournaments for all gamers. Furthermore, we provide two massive rooms filled with open gaming space. While the store hosts a number events on its own, our gamers are welcome to submit their own event requests and space reservations to schedule their favorite weekly games or plan a massive tournament. The breadth of events hosted is truly vast—from in-depth tank painting workshops to rousing nightly roleplaying games. All our space is provided at no cost to the customer…that’s right, it’s totally free!

With such a deeply involved community of gamers and collectors in the Bay Area, Game Kastle understands that one of the most important functions in our various hobbies is collecting and trading. To sate the need for those hard to find, rare or out of print games, we host a truly massive, bi-annual Flea Market. Whether you’re there hunting for bargains, or selling the mysterious contents of your gamer closet, our Flea Markets are always a huge success and both sellers and buyers alike agree that they should never be missed!

Above all, our gaming community is our family, and Game Kastle endeavors to foster that tight-nit family—open to anyone and everyone looking for some comfortable space to play their favorite games. Open 7 days a week from 10am to 9pm, our personable staff of gaming hobbyists are eager to help each customer, be they a familiar face or new to our store! Next time you’re in the Bay Area, come visit our Kastle and join our family!

Thanks, Game Kastle! Make sure to keep watch for our next Retailer Spotlight article.

If you are interested in visiting one of these great game store locations, keep reading to find one in your local area, or see if a local store has already been mentioned. If you are a retailer who is interested in participating in our Retailer Spotlight and having your store featured or if you are interested in more information, please contact [email protected].

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