Guidance From the Heavens

Signs in the Stars, a Warhammer: Invasion Battle Pack, is on sale


The Wood Elf stood upon a winding path between the massive trees and strained his senses to determine exactly what danger had alerted his instincts. The forest of Athel Loren normally brimmed with life, host to ancient and powerful spirits as well as the kinbands of the Asrai, known to the rest of the Old World as Wood Elves. However, on this night, no birds sang. No smaller creatures rustled the canopy of leaves upon the ground, and no spirits of the woods roamed with gleeful malice. The glade had all the stillness of a tomb, and a dark certainty settled ice into the Waywatcher’s veins.      – From “Signs in the Stars,” the included short story by Ross Watson

Signs in the Stars, the fourth Battle Pack in The Morrslieb Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore! When the foul taint of Chaos disrupts the tranquility of Athel Loren, a lone Waywatcher may be the Wood Elves’ last hope of defending their homeland against total destruction.

Look to the Stars

Signs in the Stars adds a host of new deck-building options to your Warhammer: Invasion experience. This 60 card pack contains 20 unique never-before-seen cards that deliver a range of new strategies to all existing factions.

The High Elves’ Bladelord dominates the battlefield with his mastery of the Path of the Autumn Wind, while the Dark Elves’ Enraged Manticore lays waste to everything it sees. Meanwhile, the Empire hero Luthor Huss charges into battle, and the Dwarfs observe the battle from the safety of their Gyrocopter.

For more on this exciting Battle Pack, see our recent previews: Heed the Signs, Death from Above, When Stars Fall, and A Bumpy Ride. Then, follow the signs to your local retailer and add these powerful cards to your Warhammer: Invasion deck!

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