Casting the Spell, Part 1

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


Welcome back to another Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight! Signs in the Stars, the fourth Battle Pack in The Morrslieb Cycle, is on store shelves this week. So today, let’s move on to the upcoming fifth Battle Pack, The Eclipse of Hope.

When we announced The Morrslieb Cycle late last year, Warhammer: Invasion’s developer summed up his design goals, saying:

The first major goal of The Morrslieb Cycle is to encourage players to build developments. This has been touched on in past cards [...], but The Morrslieb Cycle really takes this basic concept and brings it to another level. There [are] several cards in this cycle that encourage players to consider developing (especially from the hand) as an important strategic decision. If I were to characterize this set in a phrase, it would be that this is the cycle in which “developments matter.”

Spelling Doom

This emphasis on developments has been evident throughout the cycle so far, most notably in the Wood Elves’ manipulation of Forest Spirits like Tree Kin (Omens of Ruin, 18). But in no single pack is this theme as explicit as it is in The Eclipse of Hope, with its linked collection of “Spell” cards. In this upcoming Battle Pack, each of the six major factions receives one Spell (or in the case of Dwarfs, a Rune) that increases the speed at which developments can be placed, while offering some additional ability specific to its faction. The forces of Destruction, for example, receive Firin’ Da Spell (85), Unleashing the Spell (94), and Testing the Spell (96).

The Orcs’ Firin’ Da Spell offers raw combat damage indicative of their aggressive culture, while the forces of Chaos can unleash a spell that could deal a final devastating blow to a crumbling capital. Meanwhile, the Dark Elves can take temporary control of high cost enemy units!

Which is the most powerful? What combos will you employ when these three cards hit your Warhammer: Invasion deck? Discuss possible synergies below or in our forums, and come back next week when we’ll see what these thematically linked cards have in store for players of Order!

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