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A spotlight on Cape Fear Games, a North Carolina-based game store

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to be working with innovative store owners through our Retailer Spotlight program. Last week we introduced you to an Ohio-based game store; today we will be highlighting North Carolina’s Heath Newton and his store, Cape Fear Games!

Cape Fear Games is a game store that has a large selection of products, a great atmosphere, and a huge play space to enjoy both in. Let’s hear from Heath...

Cape Fear Games

Address: 3608 Oleander Dr, E Wilmington, NC 28403 Telephone: (910) 798-6006 Website: Email: [email protected]

Store Hours:

  • Sunday - Monday: 12pm - 9pm
  • Tuesday - Wednesday: 12pm - 10pm
  • Thursday - Saturday: 12pm - 11pm

A place for everyone

Cape Fear Games opened in 2009 as Wilmington's premier game store. We carry an in-depth selection of Magic Singles, Euro Strategy Board Games, Roleplaying games, Miniatures, CCGs...basically anything that you can play on a table. We have a huge, free, clean play space as well as a free game library that boasts over 50 of the top Board Game titles. With weekly tournaments, and Board Game Night, Cape Fear Games is able to satisfy all of your gaming needs.

Cape Fear Games was created for the Wilmington Community. Wilmington had 3-4 Game stores with play space that either downsized, closed their play space, or closed altogether. The main goal with the store was to create a free play space for board gamers in the Wilmington area. Additionally, the company gives 10% of the profits to local non-profit organizations. Cape Fear Games has also done outreach programs to schools helping with board game clubs by providing either expertise, on-site demos or loaning board games to the clubs.

We are excited that we offer a place for kids (and adults) to go to play a game and stay out of trouble. We sell snacks and drinks in our store, but you can bring your own game (or play one of ours) and bring in your own food, so that you never have to pay to have fun.

Plenty of space

With about 2,000 square feet of play space, open play can bring almost anyone in for a game. On any given night (without an event scheduled) we can have a game of Warhammer 40,000 being played next to a Warmachine league game, with Street Fighter being played on the flat screen TV. Then add in a table or two of Yu-Gi-Oh! players, Magic: The Gathering players meeting for a PRE (Player-run-event) Cube Draft, Magic: The Gathering Commander (EDH) league players getting some games in, as well as 2-3 tables of board gamers meeting up, and you have an impromptu evening of fun at Cape Fear Games.

Typically we have anywhere from 15-40 people in the store after 5pm for an assortment of games being played. Most are regulars, playing games in their own genre. For example, the Warmachine players meet up about 2-3 times a week (not always on the same nights), and the Magic: The Gathering players can be found here 6-7 nights, Yu-Gi-Oh! players 4-5 evenings...and so forth.

What’s great about Cape Fear Games is that people get excited over different events or just meeting new people and being able to play the hobby they are currently involved in. Additionally, our community play space allows gamers to cross over into other games they wouldn't normally consider picking up.

We host many events during the week and there are always open tables for open gaming be it board games, pick up card games, miniatures or roleplaying games. Mondays are just for open play, Tuesdays we have Legacy Magic: The Gathering Tournaments, and Wednesdays we have Magic: The Gathering Drafts. On Thursdays we have Board Game Night from 6pm - 11pm. The Wilmington Board Game Group comes in and demos board games, and they make sure everyone has a game to play. We supplement this night with our Game Library (you are always free to pull out a game and play). For our Fridays we are currently running Friday Night Magic at 2pm (Standard) and 7pm (Standard). Finally, Saturdays we have a Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament at 1pm (we recently added a Duel Terminal), Magic: The Gathering at 2pm (Standard) and we just started a video game tournament at 6pm (we have two big screen televisions).

The Wilmington Board Game group

The Wilmington Board Game group (which has grown from 3 to over 30 now) has their weekly meeting every Thursday, but they usually have representatives in the store 5-6 days a week.

The Wilmington Board Game Group started with three original members and predates the store's opening. However, once they found out about our opening, they were nothing but supportive and it's been a mutually beneficial relationship ever since. (We actually held a private pre-opening on a Thursday before the store was open to the public just for the board game group.) I can also say that without them, we wouldn't be carrying anywhere near our current selection of strategy board games. They keep demos going, and people involved in the hobby, and of course, they bring in people to play on Board Game Night (or any other day for that matter).

Board Game Night is another open play night anchored by strategy board games. We have a large in-store game library as well as access to tubs full of games brought in each week by members. They communicate via a listserv ( and whenever you want to play a board game, you can email the group with a day and time and someone shows up to play.

Our Media Center

We want to thank Fantasy Flight Games for providing the Media Center in our store. We have created a Fantasy Flight section, which helps gamers find exactly what they are looking for. We've had several customers look at a demo on the FFMC and want to buy the game based on that. Our only complaint is: We would love to have an FFMC for every product line!

Thanks, Heath! Make sure to keep watch for our next Retailer Spotlight article.

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