Harrower of Thanes

Preview a new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventure appearing in Black Fire Pass


This is the story of Black Fire Pass. It is an old story and a familiar one, for we all first hear the legend at an early age. There, in the crucible of battle, an Empire was forged. There, few stood against many, and triumphed. There, we rose out of the darkness, together, as a man became a God. How do you tell a story that everyone knows? What grace I have, with pen, and brush, and the tongue of men, let it be heard. Oh, let it be heard. Sigmar, give me the words to tell this story, and I will craft something that the ages will not willingly forget.       –Kristoff Haamar. Historian. Cartographer. Poet. Gentleman of the Empire.

Black Fire Pass, or Haz-Drazh-Kadrin as it is known in Khazalid, is one of only two paths through the black ring of Mountains that protects the eastern borders of the Empire of men. The other route, the Peak Pass to the North, is both lengthy and remote. Owing to the lack of other accessible routes through the Mountains, Black Fire Pass is both a favored path for armies seeking to invade the Empire and the main artery for trade with the remaining dwarf karaks, Tilea, and the wild Border Princes.

Adventure in the Pass

With the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay supplement, Black Fire Pass, players will have the chance to adventure within this region born from violent volcanic eruptions and tempered in blood. The Pass follows a gaping chasm of contorted lava, flanked by black cliffs from which vents emit eerie wisps of black vapor. This is a realm between the Empire’s prosperity, dwarfen legacy, and the savage attacks of marauding orc and goblin tribes.

Enter the Harrower of Thanes, a new adventure appearing in Black Fire Pass. When heroes come into possession of an enchanted runehammer, their adventure takes them to Kazak Azgaraz, Grenzstadt, and into the dangers of the Pass. Harrower of Thanes showcases dwarf culture and the region’s unique geography. Heroes will uncover forgotten histories, meet important regional figures, and wage fierce battles.

Will the heroes increase the reputation of Karak Azgaraz and earn the favor of Kings Thuringar Orc-Hewer and Alrik Ranulfsson? Or will their actions weaken the relationships between dwarf holds and land them firmly in the Book of Grudges? Dwarfs are not quick to forget their grudges.

Harrower of Thanes presents game masters with an excellent opportunity to explore the Black Fire Pass setting, including the fully-realized dwarf hold of Karak Azgaraz. Dwarfs and manlings alike will find themselves steeped in the grudges and history of the dwarfs.

The trek to Black Fire Pass has begun. Share your excitement on our community forum, and check back here for more information while you wait for Black Fire Pass to hit the shelves Q3 2011.

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