A Bumpy Ride

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Spotlight


The most reckless Squig hunters ride Squigs into battle, grabbing hold of the Squig’s tiny horns or ears, and bouncing along as the Squig leaps about. These are called Squig Hoppers. It takes a skilled Night Goblin to drive the Squig Hoppers into a coherent mob, because individual Squigs are wont to move in an unpredictable manner while the riders hang on the best they can. Such a Night Goblin can direct his Squig towards the enemy, though he has next to no control of its speed or how far it will leap.

Welcome back to another spotlight on Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! Signs in the Stars, the fourth Battle Pack in The Morrslieb Cycle, will be on store shelves soon. Last week, we saw the power of Comet of Casandora (Signs in the Stars, 72), a High Elf spell that can wreak havoc on friend and foe alike. Today, we’ll look at how The Morrslieb Cycle brings a new focus to the sneakiest of Greenskins: the lowly Goblin.


As players may have noticed, the majority of Orc units in The Morrslieb Cycle have been Goblins. Its second Battle Pack brought us Night Goblin Fanatic (The Chaos Moon, 24), a card with an element of gambling. Then, the third Battle Pack featured Skarsnik and Gobbla (The Twin Tailed Comet, 44), a hero that thrives on damage.

Now, with the upcoming release of Signs in the Stars, players will receive two more of these cunning killers. Sneaky Git (Signs in the Stars, 64) is a unit that, not unlike Night Goblin Fanatic, depends on the cost of the next card in your deck. Finally, unifying the theme and bringing players one step closer to a deck built around Goblins, Squig Hopper (Signs in the Stars, 65) grows more powerful as long as he has a fellow Goblin in play.

Look for Signs in the Stars on store shelves soon, and keep checking back for more on Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

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