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Signs of Faith, a WFRP expansion, is available for sale via download


The Old World is a place of unending war and strife. The legions of Chaos threaten to demolish all bastions of civilization while spreading their corruption and heresy across the land. The Four Ruinous Powers continue to gather worshippers among the nobles and commonfolk alike, allowing them to spread their dark designs from within the Empire. Amidst this gathering darkness burns a light of hope that slowly gains strength, lit by those who follow the signs of faith...

Signs of Faith, a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, is now on sale via download through and!

A Plague Afflicts Mankind

The Empire rots from within, for Nurgle, the great Lord of Decay, sends his poxes and plagues to afflict the realms of mankind. Fortunately, the signs of faith are everywhere–for those who know how to look. Priests of Manann protect the Empire’s vital waterways while priests of Taal prowl its forests and wilds. Priests of Ulric take the might of the wolf god into battle, and priests of Verena plumb tomes and lore for insights that may provide an edge against the trouble brewing across the Empire. Despite their different beliefs and tenets, the Empire Cults are united in their struggle against the surging tide of Chaos.

Signs of Faith introduces valuable background information on the Cults of the Empire as well as insights on the Ruinous Power Nurgle, the Plaguefather. For players, Signs of Faith brings new rules for priests, dozens of new blessings across all nine major Empire faiths, and suggestions on how to play priest characters. GMs will find new rules for disease and Nurgle’s daemonic minions, and players have access to ten new careers. In addition, Signs of Faith includes a complete adventure for GMs to test their players’ newfound faith!

For more details, read our in-depth preview of the Prophet of Doom, Investigator, and Mystic, three new careers in Signs of Faith. Divine guidance awaits!

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