An Orcish Invasion

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


This week, we’re pleased to present a recap of the recent Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game regional tournament that was held at LCG Days, May 13th-15th. In it, Regional Champion Timothy Lyons shares his insights into his success. Thanks, Timothy!

The Lay of the Land

After weeks of preparation, the Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game 2011 Regionals had finally arrived. Like most players, I felt that the strongest faction going into this year’s regionals would be Empire. I had been working on two lists that had been winning over 50% of the time against most of the Empire builds I had seen. One was a fairly fast Chaos deck with several anti-support and anti-development cards, as well as Slaneesh’s Domination to turn their generally tactic-heavy strategy against them. This had done very well against Empire, but had a very hard time with Dark Elf decks. The second was an Orc list with a Raise Dead/Grimgor combo that could frequently lock the game down through its ability to destroy two or more of an opponent’s cards every turn. The Orc list had done fairly well against Empire (though not as well as the Chaos list), but performed better in its other matches. Ultimately, I decided to play the following Orc list:

3 Pillage 3 Rip Dere Eads off 3 Troll Vomit 3 Chaos/Orc Alliance 3 One Orc's Scrap 3 Clan Molder Elite 3 Wight Lord 3 Sorcerer of Tzeentch 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 Burn it Down 3 Contested Village 3 Raise Dead 2 Lord of Change 3 Lobber Crew 3 Spida Riders 3 Grimgor Ironhide 3 Stunty Smasha

Looking around as the event began, it looked like around half of the players had gone with an Empire board, and I was facing Empire in my first match. In game one I was able to execute my “Rip Der Heads Off/Lord of Change in the Kingdom plan” as he had developed his long winter. The resource advantage I gained from this one play propelled me to victory. In game two, my opponent was able to slow me down with early Rodrik’s Raiders and set up Visit the Haunted City to lock me down. In the final game I played first turn Spider Riders/Clan Moulder Elite/Warpstone to quest and he was not able to recover from the early pressure. At this point I felt pretty good about my chances against the dreaded Empire.

Some timely Troll Vomit

In round two I played against an Orc rush deck. He put some heavy early pressure on me but couldn’t recover from Troll Vomit and I was able to win 2-0. Then, in round three, I played against a deck that seemed similar to the Chaos list that I had been testing. Game one was similar to my previous round as he did a lot of early damage but couldn’t recover from a timely Troll Vomit. In game two I was able to lock the game down by playing two early Sorcerer of Tzeentch to win 2-0.

In Round four, I faced another Empire deck. I started out decently, but he had a couple of early Rodriks to slow me down and was able to Judgement off my kingdom zone while setting up a Haunted City. I wasn’t able to get four resources at the start of any of my turns to play troll vomit and was eventually overrun. In game two I kept a very questionable hand of One Orc’s Scrap, Raise Dead, Raise Dead, Lord of Change, Lord of Change, Troll Vomit, and Grimgor. I thought, “If he doesn’t destroy my first turn One Orcs Scrap, I should be able to break out in a big way with the two Raise Deads,” but he went with the turn one Demolition play and I never really played another card.

Heading into the last round there were three players at 3-1 match record and 6-3 game records. I was set to play against another Empire deck this round and I really needed a 2-0 win to ensure a spot in the final two. In game one I was able to keep his board fairly clear with Lobber Crews and Pillages to head to a quick win. In game two I was able to Rip Grimgors on turn two and turn three, letting me set up some supports and then Troll Vomit. On turn four I Raise Deaded a Grimgor to destroy what he had left in play and was able to get the 2-0 win that I needed.

A Close Call

It turned out that the Empire deck I had lost to ended up losing a game but winning his match while the Chaos deck I had beaten in round three also swept his final foe. This set up an Orc vs Chaos final match with Empire finishing a very close third, as he had beaten me and lost to the Chaos player.

Game one of the finals went pretty much like our previous games as I was able to remove most of the cards he played. Game two was going similarly as I had out a Lord of Change, Grimgor, Wight Lord and Warpstone while he had no cards in play. I then realized that I had only three cards left in my hand: a Troll Vomit, a Burn it Down and a Contested Village. If he played a Slaanesh’s Domination against me it would destroy everything I had and leave me with one card in hand. Luckily, he had developed it early and did not have one. I quickly developed my troll vomit and went on to win 2-0... securing the regional championship!

The event was great, and as with every time I’ve played in a Warhammer: Invasion tournament, all of my opponents were great people and good players. It was also a pleasure to meet with [Warhammer: Invasion developer] Lukas Litzsinger. I feel like things are really going in a great direction in the future.

Thanks again, Timothy, and congratulations on your victory! Keep checking back for more on Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game.

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