Thunder in the Mountains

Announcing Black Fire Pass, a resource for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Black Fire Pass has seen the best of us and it has seen the worst as well. Its history is written in the blood of our people, and though it makes us rich I still hold that we have paid a heavy price for our proximity to that bleak and terrible place.       − Ludwig von Hoss, A History of the Province of Averland, Volume XIX.

The alliance between dwarfs and men has lasted since the time of Sigmar, forged in blood at the Battle of Black Fire Pass. A disturbing place of sharp black glass and noxious mists, Black Fire Pass has been fraught with peril and opportunity throughout the long history of the Empire. Trade caravans and invading armies alike must pass through its narrow confines to cross the Black Mountains, making this storied site of utmost importance to dwarfs and men alike. What dangers and riches does it hold for you?

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Black Fire Pass, a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!

In its two detailed books, this comprehensive expansion presents a wealth of new information concerning dwarfs, the hold of Karak Azgaraz, and Black Fire Pass itself. The Book of Grudges features rules for runesmithing, dwarf engineering, ten brand-new dwarf careers, and much more; a must-have addition for fans of these stout and stoic warriors. Also included in the box are details on the history and geography of Black Fire Pass itself, with adventure and episode ideas for GMs and a complete adventure set within the its dangerous confines. When friend becomes foe, thunder will reign in the mountains.

Delving Deeper

For more on this exciting expansion, let’s hear from its producer:

Working on Black Fire Pass was a great pleasure. For the first time, we have created an expansion that focuses in on one specific race (in this case dwarfs), and let’s face it, dwarfs are cool. Grudges, Oaths, Ancestors, Engineering, Runesmithing, Slayers... this book has it all.

The WFRP Core Set presents an important snapshot of what it means to be a dwarf in and around the Reikland – it introduces the Hold of the Fearless Axes, Karak Azgaraz, nestled among the Grey Mountains southwest of Ubersreik. But Black Fire Pass delves much, much deeper into this remote hold, presenting everything players need in order to give their dwarf characters a fully fleshed out base of operations.

Between the new careers and expanded rules, players will have fantastic new options for their Dwarf characters. Runesmiths will be able to strike powerful runes onto weapons, armour and talismans. Engineers will be able to create machines capable of performing near-miraculous feats with unequalled reliability. Ironbreakers who survive long enough will be able to advance to become Ironshields or even Ironbeards.

I think one of my favorite components within this set would have to be the new Rank 3 Slayer Action Card called “This will be a Glorious Death”. As we designed the action, we wondered how many Dragon Slayers would really adopt a conservative stance when the time of his great doom has finally come...

Keep checking back for more on this exciting resource, and in the third quarter of 2011, prepare to brave the pass!

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