Built of Madness

Announcing The Inevitable City, a Battle Pack for Warhammer: Invasion


A wild thought flitted through Bradock’s mind even as he stood frozen in the muck. He saw a vision of a wolf, as it tensed its shoulders and lifted its head to Mannslieb and howled. It was howling for him. For all of them. They would not find The Inevitable City, they would not find the gathering Chaos horde. The scouting mission was doomed. Bradock recalled maps he saw in his youth, “Here Be Monsters” scrawled over the Northern wastes in a shaky hand. He now understood that those maps were more accurate than the ones Commander Vicker had.      – From The Inevitable City, a short story by Mack Martin

Built of dark madness, the Inevitable City is a monument to the will of the Ruinous Powers. It challenges the sanity of all who would travel its twisted streets, let alone definitively determine its location. So when an ill-fated scouting party tracks a band of brutal raiders through corrupted lands, one man will discover too late the folly of his mission.

Chaos Rises

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of The Inevitable City, the first Battle Pack in The Capital Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! With half of its 60 cards (three copies each of 20 unique cards) devoted to the corrupting forces of the Ruinous Powers, The Inevitable City is an invaluable Battle Pack for players of the Chaos faction. Additionally, players of other factions will find a variety of useful tactics, units, and support options.

As goblin Squig Trackers seek more ferocious pets, Ancient Stegadons convey their Lizardmen masters into battle. Meanwhile, the Vampire Mannfred Von Carstein controls the souls of his victims, and the Savage Forsaken grows stronger in the presence of powerful leadership. With the forces of Chaos gathering for some fell purpose, how will the factions of the Old World stand against them?

Keep checking back for more on The Inevitable City, and look for this exciting expansion on store shelves in the third quarter of 2011!

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