Presenting the Cream of the Crop

Announcing a new series spotlighting exceptional retailers

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce a new series of featured articles spotlighting retailers who have strived to develop a local gaming community and provide exceptional customer service.

The owners of these friendly local game stores (FLGS) are progressive industry leaders who have dedicated themselves to customers. Among their contributions are building a community of players, providing them with a welcoming space to gather and build friendships, and becoming an informational resource on new and exciting releases within the hobby game industry.

Dedicated Store Owners

Undeniably supportive of their customer base, these retailers have many options for their customers to discover new interests such as providing in-store game demonstrations, special themed-nights for a newly released game, and a Fantasy Flight Media Center.

The FFMC is part of a program through which FFG supports exceptional retailers and helps them become an information resource to their customers regarding FFG products. Customers and store employees alike can learn about our new releases and view extensive game walkthroughs. We have placed over 100 Fantasy Flight Media Centers across North America with more retailers joining the program every week. Our continually growing program will soon lead to an international presence for this innovative sales tool.

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to take the opportunity to recognize the innovations of these FLGS and celebrate what they are doing for their individual communities. Each article will focus on a single retailer, including a short history of their store, contact information, and pictures showcasing that location.

For more information about this series, visit our Fantasy Flight Retailer Spotlight website.

Our first featured article will spotlight Pat Fuge and Gnome Games, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Stay tuned!

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