A Grisly End

A preview for Omens of War, a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay supplement


Omens of War provides new military options as well as background on the Empire’s forces and the Blood God Khorne’s savage legions. With several new militaristically inspired careers, players will experience new fighting styles and mounted combat in this brutal new supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Last time, we discussed mounted combat. Today, we’ll be looking at a new threat in Omens of War: Severe Injuries.

Battle in the Old World is a dangerous proposition. Even a goblin with a pointed stick can deal a lethal wound to an unlucky or unwary opponent, and given the state of Old World medicine, even an apparently humble wound can prove fatal if it becomes infected.

And death isn’t the only danger that can end the career of a soldier of the Empire (or anyone else who lives by the sword). The dangers of insanity, corruption, and disease have been addressed before, but permanent, crippling injury is a constant danger to warriors great and small. A shattered rib or a dislocated shoulder are grave injuries in their own right, but how much worse a severed leg or a missing eye?

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay already features critical wounds; grave injuries that present a clear and present danger to a character’s health and well being. These injuries are bad enough, but Omens of War, with its focus on the Blood God Khorne, presents a whole new level of peril with the introduction of Severe Injuries. How bad are they? Well...

Deadly Consequences

The first thing to be aware of when dealing with a Severe Injury is that they are critical wounds. They’re shuffled into the wound deck just like all the others, and any time you receive a critical wound it just might be a Severe Injury.

These Severe Injuries are often quite nasty, with significant consequences and debilitating effects. But their true danger might not be triggered right away. Every Severe Injury has a severity threshold (the number on the left-hand side), and two effects printed above and below that threshold. The first effect, on the top of the card, is the default effect of the injury. It applies immediately when the injury is acquired and is generally just like any other critical wound. And like other critical wounds, some of these effects are awful, whereas others are relatively mild.


The severe effect of the Severe Injury is the one below the line. The severe effect doesn’t necessarily apply right away - and this is good, you’ll likely agree, as they can turn fatal! When the total severity of all critical wounds, including Severe Injuries, equals or exceeds the severity threshold of a given Severe Injury, then its severe effect is triggered. The body can only take so much abuse, after all, and oftentimes a grave injury grows graver still when the body is subjected to even more. Of course, if the character already had a few criticals when he got the Severe Injury in the first place, it’s entirely possible that the severe effect will be trigger immediately, which may result in some spectacular and grisly fates. Especially when a wound like a Head Shot crops up.

Omens of War will be on store shelves soon, so be careful when you draw your sword! Combat is more dangerous than ever.

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