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The Player's Guide for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is now on sale via download


Fate has selected you, so gather your party and defend the Old World!

The Player’s Guide for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is now available for sale via download at and! With the Player’s Guide, it’s easier than ever to defend the Empire against the threat of Chaos, Greenskins, and other malignant forces, so head over to either of these convenient digital retailers and download your copy today.

The Player’s Guide compiles all the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set player information into one hard-cover tome. It showcases Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay’s innovative career system while making it easy to reference hundreds of exciting actions, spells, blessings, and special abilities from the original Core Set, as well as numerous expansions... all in one handy resource. It also features streamlined rules for gameplay, character creation, exciting combats, and engaging encounters.

Below, we’re pleased to preview several pages from the Player’s Guide, including  as a sample from the updated chapter on modes of play:

Basic Careers (pdf, 996 KB) Ranged Actions (pdf, 1.1 MB) Modes of Play (pdf, 1.9 MB)

Whether you’re new to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay or a veteran gamer, the Player’s Guide is a valuable reference you’ll want to bring along on your adventures in the Old World.

Visit or today to begin!

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