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The Creature Guide for WFRP is now available for sale via download


The Old World is brimming with all forms of vile creatures, from twisted beastmen lurking in the dark forests to dragons perched atop mountains high. Wherever the call of adventure may lead fate’s champions, danger surely awaits.

Expand your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay bestiary today by downloading the The Creature Guide from or! This indispensable tome arms GMs with all the information they need to craft deadly encounters. Players will also find The Creature Guide a great reference to study the beasts they might stumble across during their adventures.

Introducing dozens of new enemies and adversaries to your game, The Creature Guide gives GMs many more options for populating their stories, battles, and adventures. This comprehensive bestiary is organised alphabetically by creature category or classification (i.e. Beastmen, Greenskins), and each category contains various types of adversaries and how to use them in your game.

Head over to or today, and unleash the hordes!

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