9 December 2011 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Rising Dawn

Announcing the first Warhammer: Invasion Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle


The rising sun turns red a hundred thousand spearpoints. Its rays burnish the armour of commanders hungry for conflict. And yet Man does not stand alone in his war against the darkness. The proud warhosts of the elder races stride out from their ancient realms, resplendent and majestic. Each warrior is the equal of a dozen lesser mortals, and yet none expect to see the dawn.     –Warhammer, “War Unending”

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Rising Dawn, the first Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

Rising Dawn introduces new cards that shake the balance of power between the races of the Old World and open varied new strategies, particularly for those units committed to exciting new quests. The High Elves find inspiration from a powerful legend, the Dwarfs gain strength from the fires of an ancient Grudge, Orc hordes rise in unending waves, Knights of the Empire ride to defend its borders, the Dark Elves gain a devious Commander to profit from their opponents’ suffering, and the Warriors of Chaos strew devastation in their wake.

To find the Dawnstar Sword

The Bloodquest Cycle introduces tremendous new incentives for players to send their units on quests. In the cycle’s announcement, we revealed a new quest, Heroic Task (Rising Dawn, 20) which allows you to quest for a tangible reward–any one card you choose to set aside from your deck. However, if that particular card is an Artefact support card, your reward is even greater; you may attach the card to a Hero or legend immediately upon the completion of the quest.

In addition to providing the High Elves a new legend to benefit from this Heroic Task, Rising Dawn introduces the Dawnstar Sword (Rising Dawn, 1), a magical blade of fearsome renown that adds five power in combat. Only Heroes and legends may wield this legendary blade, but in their hands, the Dawnstar Sword can help you lay your opponent’s capital to waste in no time.

Still, at four cost, the Dawnstar Sword may be too expensive to play from your hand while you need to play units to oppose your enemy’s units and tactics to control the assaults on your capital’s zones. Meanwhile, completing the Heroic Task may also prove a difficult enterprise should your opponent focus on eliminating your questing units. Three resource tokens may not seem like a very large number, but against targeted unit destruction, your forces may have a difficult time seizing the Artefact. Thus, Rising Dawn introduces a number of cards that accelerate or control quest progress, as well as the Helm of Fortune (Rising Dawn, 11), which can help protect your High Elves from your opponent’s schemes, at least so long as they focus on their quest.

Tools of war

Quests are an integral part of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. As the sun rises red over the fields of battle and your forces stare across the plains at the horrible armies that oppose them, Rising Dawn gives you new cause to quest for the Artefacts and other answers that may lead you to victory.

Look for Rising Dawn, the first exciting Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle, to arrive in the first quarter of 2012!

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