Power and Pleasure

Lure of Power, a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay resource, is on sale via download


Lure of Power is now available for sale via download from drivethrurpg.com and rpgnow.com!

This delightful supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay presents players and GMs an abundance of sinfully delectable materials to establish your campaign among the wealthy districts, the secret societies, and the daemons in the closets of the Old World’s nobility. Download Lure of Power today, and add a little Slaanesh to your game.

In its two sourcebooks, Lure of Power introduces background information on Slaanesh, the Dark Prince, and his minions; the hidden treacheries of the Old World’s secret societies; new enemies and careers; and optional rules that allow GMs and players to engage in social encounters every bit as dangerous as physical battles.

Verbal sparring

The nobles of the Old World live in a complex feudal system. Although the system imposes a degree of order upon those enmeshed in it, there are many incidents of disorder and conflict, especially between nobles of comparable rank. There is often no set notion as to which noble outranks the other, and the slight differences in rank have prompted bitter conflicts.

Lure of Power introduces guidelines and optional rules for social encounters. These materials offer the GM valuable information to develop rich, layered, and dynamic social encounters with real stakes, and they offer players bold new challenges, providing some characters with unique new opportunities to shine. Simple insults and name-calling won’t win these complicated interchanges, but perhaps your character will show up for an event escorted by the former paramour of a jilted, broken-hearted lover. Best your opponent in a duel of words, and he may live with the humiliation for years.

Mastering the social realm

While it’s not necessary to build a social character to enjoy the risks and rewards of verbal sparring with foppish nobles, Lure of Power offers a bevy of careers for those characters meant to shine in the social spotlight. The Noble Lord, Minstrel, Ambassador, Master Thief, and others flock to the Old World’s bustling and wealthy districts. Whether your campaign centers around social intrigues, explores them through extended forays, or simply provides the occasional flash of wit, these new careers offer characters exciting ways to ply their inherent talents.

Slaves to desire

Lure of Power explores the secret pleasures and vices that corrupt many of the Old World’s populace in Liber Ecstatica, a sourcebook aimed toward GMs. Slaanesh spreads his influence within the Realm of Chaos by fueling and feeding upon the extremes of mortal emotion and experience. The Dark Prince provides a particular allure to nobles, as their positions of power and idle time afford them greater opportunities to explore rare luxuries and sensations.

The minions of Slaanesh give in to their dark passions, and they excel at luring others to join them. The greatest and most terrible of their abilities is that to corrupt and seduce the most loyal and pure. Those marked by Slaanesh are said to be able to gaze directly into the most hidden depths of a mortal’s soul and rip out his most secret desires and fears. The Dark Prince’s marauders are vain and obsess over their rippling muscles and taut sinew. They adorn themselves with tattoos and aspire toward physical perfection. Beastmen view Slaanesh as the power that grants them virility. Sorcerers of Slaanesh focus on coercion, domination and submission.

Liber Ecstatica includes an adventure that leads characters into a world filled with the temptations of physical and aesthetic pleasures. In the world of the nobles, power can lead to corruption, and heroes may pave a smoother road to success with words than with swords.

Quite possibly the perfect book

Denizens of the Old World driven to perfection often find themselves enticed by the blessings of Slaanesh. The Dark Prince offers perfection, beauty, knowledge, grace, and elegance. Experience all that the pleasures that life offers the mind, the body, the tongue, the ear, the eye…

Download Lure of Power today from drivethrurpg.com or rpgnow.com and add a little perfection to your campaign!

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