5 December 2011 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Introducing a New FAQ for Warhammer: Invasion

Find the new FAQ and designer insights into the new changes


The FAQ for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game has been updated. You can find the most recent version on our support page or follow the links below.

With the release of the new FAQ for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, the lead developer shares the design team’s insights and rationale behind the need for new restrictions, clarifications, and errata.

What you’ll find in the new FAQ

Greetings Warhammer: Invasion players,

In this updated FAQ, you will find new clarifications, errata, and frequently answered questions. You will also discover two new additions to the restricted list.

Let’s start with the restricted list. Both Rodrik’s Raiders (March of the Damned, 7) and Derricksburg Forge (The Burning of Derricksburg, 5) have been added to the list. The Empire has been well-represented in tournaments over the last season, and they currently have too much speed and consistency. Derricksburg Forge is an automatic inclusion in any Empire deck and provides the race with cheap, efficient power and loyalty. Restricting it slows down the resource acceleration of Empire decks, as it now must be chosen over Warpstone Expedition, Wilhelm of the Osterknacht, and Rodrik’s Raiders. The restriction of Rodrik’s Raiders lowers the consistency of the Empire’s control. With it, the Empire has cheap support control that is easily repeatable with cards like Osterknacht Elite and Call the Reserves, and its low loyalty means it can make an impact early in the game. The restriction of Rodrik’s Raiders forces the Empire player to choose something to give up in order to gain this powerful control. These restrictions, taken as a pair, should balance the power level of Empire decks with the other races while still allowing for strong, top-tier builds. We believe that these new restrictions will create an even more compelling and balanced competitive environment.

Other notable items in the FAQ are a clarification of the meaning of “just played,” an update to the Turn Diagram that explains when a zone is considered to be attacked, and an explanation of the difference between cards being played and entering play.

As always, if you have any questions, you can send your inquiries via the “Rules Questions” link at the bottom of the page. We are constantly working to expand and improve this great game, and we want to thank all our players for your continued support.

    –Lukas Litzsinger, Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Lead Developer

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