15 November 2011 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

The Iron Rock Raiding Parties

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


With a thunderous crash the support beams collapsed. Tons of rock tumbled downwards sealing the entrance to the old dwarf mine completely. From within came the squeals of the trapped gobbo boyz. Borzag shrugged: if the lads were stupid enough to go into a stunty mine and start chopping at the supports with their axes, then they got what they deserved. Plenty more where they came from…     –Jervis Johnson and Bill King, The Battle of Iron Peak

What do Orcs want? Fightin’! When do they want it? Now!

There are three zones in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, and the Orcs care about all of ‘em… provided theyz burnin’. Otherwise, if they aren’t fighting, Orcs are generally spending their time looking for a fight.

Still, successful Greenskin players have to give a bit more thought to populating each of their zones than their big, green minions might. The Greenskins thrive on battle, so playing as many of them to the battlefield zone as possible is a good and obvious way to slake their thirst for violence. However, you need power in your kingdom zone to play your Orcs, and you need power in your quest zone to draw your Orcs.

Pickin’ a fight

While it’s tough luck bein’ the lowly Orcs or Gobbos that get sent off to look for stuff instead of fightin’ it, The Iron Rock can at least make life a bit more interesting–and explosive–for those Greenskins on quest duty. When you send your grunts to join any of the new, impromptu Raiding Parties (The Iron Rock, 60), you get to draw a card and gain a deadly new measure of control. Each time you play a non-Attachment Orc support card from your hand, you can destroy one of your opponent’s developments. This can make it easier for your Greenskin hordes to slam through the defenses of your opponent’s capital, and it can slow Dwarf, Empire, and other strategies that can gain greater power with greater control over developments.

While it’s true the strength of the Orc army doesn’t lie in its engineering corps, the Greenskins still have a good number of support cards worth consideration. One Orc’s Scrap… (Bleeding Sun, 112) offers cheap power and helps you cycle through your deck for the cards you need. If you don’t intend to waste time developing your zone, a Squig Pen (The Burning of Derricksburg, 10) offers an efficient return of two power for three cost. Each Scrap Heap (Assault on Ulthuan, 50) in your battlefield zone gives your units a bit of staying power, and a Totem of Gork (Core Set, 70) can rally them to a truly fearsome ferocity. Finally, if you can afford it, the Boss Pit (The Iron Rock, 49) gives you a nice heap of power and the means to swarm your enemies and engage in tremendous violence.

Intelligent and reasoned planning may not rank among the Orc army’s top three pastimes of fightin’, fightin’, and gettin’ into fights, but when the hordes of The Iron Rock get restless, someone needs to find a fight before Greenskins all turn against each other. When The Iron Rock comes out, look for your Raiding Parties to find new ways to get your Greenskin hordes into all kinds of trouble…

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