10 November 2011 | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Lure of Power Is Now on Sale

You know you want this tantalizing supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Lure of Power is now on sale at your local retailer and online on our webstore! This delightful supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay presents players and GMs an abundance of sinfully delectable materials to establish your campaign among the wealthy districts, the secret societies, and the demons in the closets of the Old World’s nobility. Buy Lure of Power today, and add a little Slaanesh to your game.

In its two sourcebooks, Lure of Power introduces background information on Slaanesh, the Dark Prince, and his minions; the hidden treacheries of the Old World’s secret societies; new enemies and careers; and optional rules that allow GMs and players to engage in social encounters every bit as dangerous as physical battles.

The social encounter

Lure of Power features a host of exciting new rules. In addition to ten new careers and rules for acquiring a retainer, Lure of Power introduces guidelines and optional rules for social encounters. These materials offer the GM valuable information to develop rich, layered, and dynamic social encounters with real stakes, and they offer players bold new challenges, providing some characters with unique new opportunities to shine.

While it remains entirely feasible to ad lib social encounters in your campaign, some key moments cry out for special attention. Whether you’re building up to a critical scene set in the social milieu or adding great detail to a scene meant to establish a central NPC or secret society, Lure of Power draws focus to many of the elements of a successful social encounter. When you really want to make the encounter matter, Lure of Power provides insight into the participants, objectives, stakes, setting, structure, progress, arguments, and tactics that provide a punch to the most successful social encounters.

And for those players who have decided they’re masters of verbal thrusts and jabs, Lure of Power introduces optional rules for the Duel of Wits. In these deadly social exchanges, slick-tongued characters may shame their dull-witted opponents. Shame operates like wounds, and enough shame can incapacitate a character as effectively as physical injuries. The Duel of Wits provides players an exciting new method for resolving conflicts, but they must be wary because not every NPC enters the Duel of Wits unarmed.

Mastering the social realm

While it’s not necessary to build a social character to enjoy the risks and rewards of verbal sparring with foppish nobles, Lure of Power offers a bevy of careers for those characters meant to shine in the social spotlight. The Noble Lord, Minstrel, Ambassador, Master Thief, and others flock to the Old World’s bustling and wealthy districts. Whether your campaign centers around social intrigues, explores them through extended forays, or simply provides the occasional flash of wit, these new careers offer characters exciting ways to ply their inherent talents.

Quite possibly the perfect book

Denizens of the Old World driven to perfection often find themselves enticed by the blessings of Slaanesh. The Dark Prince offers perfection, beauty, knowledge, grace, and elegance. Experience all the pleasures that life offers the mind, the body, the tongue, the ear, the eye…

Buy Lure of Power today at your local retailer or online from our webstore and add a little perfection to your campaign!

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