1 November 2011 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

The Bounty of the Realm of the Phoenix King

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


From Darkness I cry for you the tears you shed for us are the blood of the Elven kind O Isha Here I stand on the last shore a sword in my hand Ulthuan shall never fall

–Warhammer Armies: High Elves, The Sword Masters of Hoeth

As we’ve seen in other previews for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, Realm of the Phoenix King introduces new defenses for the High Elves to help them preserve their zones and a new war plan that can lead to devastating effect if their defenses hold long enough for the plan to come to fruition.

However, the High Elves often have difficulty in the early stages of a game, and their defenses will falter if they’re unable to build them into place quickly enough. A new card from Realm of the Phoenix King may help High Elf players accelerate their agendas, though it carries with it a significant risk…

Seized by power of arms

For thousands of years, the High Elves have defended the shores of their island continent Ulthuan. Since the original incursion of Chaos, the High Elves have risen to confront every challenge to their home. Theirs has been a history of nearly constant battle and warfare, yet no single enemy has ever truly defeated them.

Over the centuries, the High Elves have often seized the Spoils of War (Realm of the Phoenix King, 39), and now, they can use these riches to power their war efforts.

Spoils of War provides fantastic early acceleration for any faction in Warhammer: Invasion. Two power for zero cost breaks all manner of curves, but it’s no simple matter to hold onto these elusive treasures. First, since you’re limited to one copy per deck, there’s no guarantee you’ll draw the Spoils of War early, which is when they provide you the greatest benefit. Sure, you can take your mulligan if you don’t draw them into your opening hand, but would you risk the power in your hand for two in the deck?

Second, and more importantly, your opponent can steal these Spoils of War from you with each battle. Pulled back and forth across the battle lines, the Spoils of War may serve no master, or they may work against you if your opponent manages to win them into a zone that’s suicide for you to attack.

Creating a vault

Thus, even including this card (though at first glance it is simply amazing) may prove a difficult decision, one predicated on the idea that you’ll be able to create a situation in which your opponent won’t want to seize the Spoils by attacking your zone.

Fortunately, the High Elves can shield their Spoils of War in a zone behind their Fortification, the Phoenix Ward (Realm of the Phoenix King, 31) and guard it with powerful defenders capable of killing foes with Counterstrike. A Herald of Morai-Heg (Realm of the Phoenix King, 27) armed with Ithilmar Arrows (Realm of the Phoenix King, 29) can drop even the greatest Hero dead in his tracks.

Even a Lion Chariot of Chrace (The Fourth Waystone, 88) may give your enemy pause when equipped with a Moon Staff of Lileath (Bleeding Sun, 108). Ensure the destruction of your opponent’s hand via multiple Phoenix Wards, as well as the destruction of his units if they attack, and top them off with the retaliation from your indirect damage, and you should be able to create a zone your opponent would rather not touch. That is a good place for your Spoils of War.

Whether they’re coin or enchanted weapons, whether they’re stolen battle plans or forgotten lore that reveals weaknesses in your opponent’s units, these Spoils of War provide you the early resources you need to set your battle plan into motion.

Any race may lay claim to the Spoils of War, but with the upcoming release of Realm of the Phoenix King, the High Elves intend to defend the treasures they have already seized.

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