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Heirs to the Old World

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


“While lesser races must study magic in its corrupted, broken form, our Mages harness its power as pure mystical energy. Our minor spells, those Lores taught to the humans by mighty Teclis, are but a pale reflection of the power wielded by an Asur fully trained in the magical arts.”    –Unthwe Windrider

Masters of both spell and sword, the mighty High Elves view themselves as the rightful inheritors of the world and view the younger races with either condescension or outright contempt. They may share a powerful hubris, but they once stood alone against the tide of Chaos that crashed upon the shores of Ulthuan ages hence… and they drove Chaos back.

Arrogance or confidence?

In the upcoming Battle Pack, Realm of the Phoenix King, players of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game will find powerful new cards for the High Elves to justify their hubris. As The Capital Cycle continues to develop synergy within the different races, High Elves gain elegant new ways to wage war, beginning with the Herald of Morai-Heg (Realm of the Phoenix King, 27). An archer of moderate cost, the Herald of Morai-Heg brings exactly zero Power to any zone. Instead, it offers you the chance to Counterstrike your opponent for an amount of Power equal to the highest loyalty on any High Elf card you control, meaning the Herald can easily Counterstrike for two Power, and it’s not much of a stretch to imagine Counterstrikes of up to four, maybe even five, power. Because Counterstrike abilities resolve before your opponent deals damage, the Herald of Morai-Heg can stand unflinching against your opponent’s most powerful soldiers, felling them with his archery before they ever reach your capital. Give the Herald a quiver of Ithilmar Arrows (Realm of the Phoenix King, 29), which he can fire to deal damage to attacking units, and your opponent will have to think twice (at least!) before attacking your capital.

Without supporting units, however, the Herald of Morai-Heg can do nothing other than absorb damage directed at one of your zones. So you must be certain to field other units, and what better unit to support your High Elf archer than a Dragon? The Star Dragon (Realm of the Phoenix King, 28) brings five Power to one of your zones… and supports your Herald’s defense with its four Loyalty. An earlier article already explored some of the ways in which The Capital Cycle may cause you to reexamine Loyalty costs, and the Herald of Morai-Heg is another card that may prompt you to find ways to fit cards with high Loyalty costs into your deck–like the Star Dragon–even if they first appear cost-prohibitive.

Drakes of the Dragonspine Mountains

Long the faithful allies of the High Elves, the dragons of the Dragonspire Mountains sometimes allow High Elf heroes or mages to ride into battle on their backs. Similarly, the Star Dragon is favorably influenced by the High Elves’ use of mystical energies. After all, it was Caledor Dragontamer who raised the network of standing stones that draws the drifting energies of magic that permeate the world into an invisible vortex culminating upon the Isle of the Dead, where they are drained from the world, preventing the world from being overpowered by tides of magic that would turn it into a Realm of Chaos.

Each Spell the High Elves cast and discard makes it easier for you to bring the Star Dragon into play, and some exciting combination play quickly arises between the Herald of Morai-Heg, Star Dragon, Valorous Mage (The Eclipse of Hope, 89), Fury of Aenarion (Fiery Dawn, 112), Flames of the Phoenix (Assault on Ulthuan, 17), and Gifts of Aenarion (The Silent Forge, 47).

The Herald of Morai-Heg and Valorous Mage are inexpensive enough to play early and benefit from your spells while they serve as defense against an opponent’s rush. Fury of Aenarion can allow you to wipe out foes with the Star Dragon, even before you play it to the table! Then as you hold your defense with Fury of Aenarion, Flames of the Phoenix, and Gifts of Aenarion, the accumulation of Spells in your discard pile reduces the cost of the Star Dragon, who can enter your attack zone to wreak havoc on your opponent’s capital.

Other Spells, like Asuryan’s Cleasning (Assault on Ulthuan, 19), Scroll of Asur (Assault on Ulthuan, 27), and Second Sight (The Warpstone Chronicles, 89) can help stall your opponent as you dig through your deck for the key parts of your combination. And the Starwood Staff (The Eclipse of Hope, 90) increases an attached unit’s Power by one for each spell you play.

Truly, with Realm of the Phoenix King, the High Elves will assert their mastery of magic as they battle for supremacy in the Old World.

“This world is ours to rule as we wish. We earned this right at the dawn of time, when it was we, and we alone, that defeated the forces of Chaos and drove them back to their foetid realm.”    –Imrik, Dragon Prince of Caledor

The forces of the Realm of the Phoenix King are on their way. Keep checking our website for more information on this exciting Battle Pack.

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