18 October 2011 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Kinstrife in the Realm of the Phoenix King

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


For five thousand years Malekith, a fearsome warrior and powerful sorcerer, has waged war against the Phoenix Kings, spilling enough Elven blood to stain red the Sea of Malice. Riding to war upon his Black Dragon Seraphon, Malekith has brought woe to all the races in the world, but to the High Elves above all.    –Warhammer, “The Dominion of the Witch King”

In the last two spotlights for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, we highlighted some of the new cards and combinations High Elf players can look forward to incorporating in their decks with the release of Realm of the Phoenix King. Today, however, we’re going to explore one of the new units for the High Elves’ enemies. After all, there’s not a day that goes by that while the High Elves celebrate their heritage and culture the Dark Elves don’t brood and plot to tear it all apart, stone by stone, limb by limb, and cry of agony by cry of agony.

Fearsome cavalry

Realm of the Phoenix King introduces a fearsome new Cavalry unit for the Dark Elves, the Spawn of Kintearer (Realm of the Phoenix King, 35). This ferocious Dark Elf unit is expensive at five cost, but it’s clearly worth the investment when it receives the right support, namely more Cavalry units.

With three power and five hit points, Spawn of Kintearer is a powerful force of destruction, though not necessarily the most efficient. However, the Spawn of Kintearer also bears the new Feared keyword, introduced in The Capital Cycle, allowing it to blank the text box of a single target unit while it’s attacking. The Spawn of Kintearer can charge past a High Elf Bladelord (Signs in the Stars, 70) without having its damage redirected, or it can ignore the Counterstrike ability of the Herald of Morai-Heg (Realm of the Phoenix King, 27), even if the High Elves control a unit with five loyalty.

Still, it’s not enough for the Dark Elves to slay their High Elf kin, and the Spawn of Kintearer is as spiteful and malicious as any of its kind. Attacking an opponent’s zone may satisfy some players, but the Dark Elves want to make their enemies suffer. They want to crush every last spark in their opponents’ souls. Tear their opponents limb from limb, burn their homes, choke their cries of agony… discard their decks and all the strategies that were in them.

For each Cavalry unit you control, your Spawn of Kintearer discards a card from your opponent’s deck when it attacks. Obviously, then, the more Cavalry you build into your deck, the more cards you can discard with each attack. In addition to multiple copies of the Spawn of Kintearer, Dark Elf players seeking to revel in their opponents’ misery may look other Dark Elf Cavalry, especially Morathi’s Pegasus (The Skavenblight Threat, 13) and Cold One Chariot (Tooth and Claw, 53), which can provide relatively inexpensive and effective defense and attack.

Promised riches

Given the option of sharing the spoils of war or being tormented through years of enslavement and suffering, several Orc Cavalry units may also lend their support to the Spawn of Kintearer and the Dark Elves. The Spider Riders (The Skavenblight Threat, 8) and Wyvern Rider (Assault on Ulthuan, 49) owe very little loyalty to their own race and can make nice, low-cost, helpful minions and pawns in the Dark Elves’ schemes.

With the addition of some Orc Cavalry and a full contingent of Dark Elf Cavalry, your charges with the Spawn of Kintearer will rip quickly through your opponent’s deck, cutting at his very soul.

Rekindle the ancient enmity between the Elves with the Spawn of Kintearer and Realm of the Phoenix King, coming soon!

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