Foul Creatures Lurk Within

An overview of The Creature Guide and The Creature Vault for WFRP


‘T weren’t but the barest scratch. Nay, do not tarry about on my account. I’ll be just fine. See? The vermin barely nicked me. Got more of my leather jerkin than my... than my skin. There are more of these foul creatures and far worse still lurking deeper within... within... within... Um. Where are we again? No, no, I’m fine. Just a bit light-headed. I just need to sit down for a second and rest. Yes, just a spot of rest and I’ll be just fine.       – Henrich Straussburgh, last words

The Old World is brimming with all forms of vile creatures, from twisted beastmen lurking in the dark forests to dragons perched atop mountains high. Wherever the call of adventure may lead fate’s champions, danger surely awaits.

A brief overview

The Creature Guide and The Creature Vault have been on store shelves for a week, but if you’re still uncertain how these versatile new tools can improve your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay experience, we’re pleased to present a brief overview of their contents. Guides are hard-cover books that contain the core rules of play, while Vaults contain all the innovative components that make Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay such a revolutionary system. Although the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set remains the single most comprehensive entry point for new players and GMs, our new Guides and Vaults provide the opportunity to own only the content you want, customizing your collection based on your group’s specific needs!

For more guidance on how to begin, see our "getting started" guide, or read New Options for the Old World, an article spotlighting the all six Guides and Vaults. Today, let’s take a closer look at The Creature Guide and The Creature Vault.

The perils of the Old World on your tabletop

Introducing a host of new adversaries to your game, The Creature Guide is a useful resource for GMs wishing to populate the Old World, or for players who want to be prepared for every possible foe. This comprehensive bestiary is conveniently organised to serve as a quick reference, but it also introduces creature Group sheets, which contain the rules, flavour, and common bond between the creatures within a given group. Want to pit your players against a horde of Greenskins? Refer to the Greenskin Group sheet that contains all the rules that will govern your Greenskin war party!

If you’re looking for additional components to complement the content in The Creature Guide, The Creature Vault is the answer, bringing dozens of Old World denizens to your tabletop. Additional Group sheets take the action off the page and onto the tabletop, while Creature cards feature full colour art on one side depicting the creature in question, and relevant stats on the other. Using these components, GMs can quikly and easily lay out their encounters. Simply choose a Group sheet, determine which types of creatures within that group will be make up the encounter, lay out the Creature cards with any necessary action cards, and prepare for battle!

The most vile and ferocious beasts of the Old World are waiting at your local retailer. Pick up The Creature Guide and The Creature Vault today, and know your enemies!

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