The Content of Your Character

New downloadable content is on the WFRP support page


Aye, training is quite valuable, lad. These Reiklanders don’t appreciate how important it is t’ train long n’ hard. After just a few hours of sparring, they’re already winded and gaspin’ fer breath! How they ever wage war is beyond me.       - Gurni Thorgrimson, Dwarf Troll Slayer

The Player’s Guide for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has been aiding players for more than two weeks. Today, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer several of its valuable resources as pdf files, available for convenient download on our support page! Print them out, then use them in your adventures across the Old World!

Expanded Character Sheet, low resolution (pdf, 512 KB) Expanded Character Sheet, high resolution (pdf, 3.6 MB) Action Worksheet, low resolution (pdf, 216 KB) Action Worksheet, high resolution (pdf, 3.2 MB) Basic Action Reference (pdf, 8.4 MB)

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