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The Witch's Song, an adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, is on sale


At the far end of the Empire lies an inconsequential fishing village where a series of not-so-inconsequential events are about to take place. Surrounded by the Cursed Marshes, the village of Fauligmere is about to become the unlikely stage for an adventure of unbridled sorcery where nothing is as it seems...

The Witch’s Song, the latest adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, is now on sale! Head over to your local retailer or our webstore to begin this exciting adventure today.

A haunting melody lingers upon the foul mists that swirl along the outskirts of Fauligmere, creating an unnatural tension among the town’s inhabitants. Some say it is the voice of the witch that haunts the Cursed Marshes. Others say it is something even more terrible. Brave heroes are needed to investigate the strange omens that burden this god-forsaken town.

No Mere Fishing Village

The Witch’s Song features a mysterious new adventure that sends players to the fishing village of Fauligmere, not far from the city of Marienburg. Legends of a witch suggest that the unfortunate events plaguing Faulgimere are something more than a run of bad luck. Someone (or something) sinister is surely responsible. Players are pit against nobles of questionable intent, a mystery shrouded in speculations, and a group of fanatics that are quick to answer any cry of witchcraft.

This boxed adventure comes with many tools for GMs and players alike, including a full colour book containing the adventure, as well as all the reference sheets, tokens, and cards the GM needs to bring the story to life. For players, The Witch’s Song also includes new rules, spells, and options for hedge magic and witch characters. For more on The Witch's Song from the developers themselves, check our our preview articles, Sung in a Pitch as Dark as Night and You Put a Spell on Me.

Don’t let this mystery go unsolved, head to your local retailer today and discover the secrets behind The Witch’s Song!

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