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The Game Master's Guide for WFRP is now available for sale via download


The Old World is a vast store of legendary tales, filled with heroes and villains. Now is the time to craft such tales of your own, and the tools you need are before you...

Begin your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay legends today by downloading the Game Master’s Guide from or! This indispensable tome arms GMs with all the information they need to craft adventures that will be talked about for years to come. New GMs now have more options for entering into the game and running their sessions than ever before.

The Game Master’s Guide gathers all the Game Master information from the Core Set, as well as the rules for Corruption, Mutation, and Disease from Winds of Magic and Signs of Faith, and presents them in an easy-to-reference hardcover book. Featuring clarified and expanded rules, this Guide contains all the key GM information from the Tome of Mysteries, Tome of Adventure, and Tome of Blessings from the Core Set. While it also includes the rules and mechanics for corruption, mutation, and disease, players can still find all the background information on magic and faith in the Old World in the Winds of Magic and Signs of Faith expansions, respectively.

Head over to or today, and forge your own legend!

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