28 September 2010 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

The Sacrificial Damned

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Today, we’re pleased to present a minor departure from our usual Warhammer: Invasion card of the week spotlight. James Hata agreed to take the time to create a deck using some of the cards from the upcoming March of the Damned expansion. Thanks, James!

Hey Warhammer: Invasion fans!

With the upcoming release of March of the Damned, I thought I’d share with you some of the cool interactions this expansion provides for the Warhammer: Invasion card pool. Today, I have a Dark Elf/Undead recursion deck that takes advantage of the Dark Elf abilities that sacrifice their own units with the Undead ability to return from the dead. Please note that this decklist is built using cards up to and including Silent Forge and March of the Damned.

Without further ado, here is the decklist!

Units: 30 3x Countess Iseara (March of the Damned 49) 3x Wight Lord (March of the Damned 48) 3x Helbane’s Raiders (Enemy Cycle 37) 3x Seasoned Corsair (March of the Damned 26) 3x Dwarf Slaves (Enemy Cycle 54) 3x Vanguard of Woe (Enemy Cycle 36) 3x Vile Sorceress (Core Set 107) 3x Shades (Assault on Ulthuan 25) 3x Crypt Ghouls (March of the Damned 43) 3x Walking Sacrifice (Assault on Ulthuan 23)

Supports: 10 3x Slave Pen (March of the Damned 29) 1x Har Ganeth (Assault on Ulthuan 35) 3x Dark Abyss (Enemy Cycle 39) 3x Contested Village (Core Set 111) Tactics: 17 3x Innovation (Core Set 119) 2x Whip the Slaves (Enemy Cycle 17) 2x Lash the Prisoner! (Assault on Ulthuan 37) 3x We Need Your Blood (Corruption Cycle 14) 2x Chillwind (Assault on Ulthuan 39) 3x Seeking New Slaves (Enemy Cycle 57) 2x Raise Dead (March of the Damned 53)

Total Cards: 57

So let’s see...where to begin?

The primary purpose of this deck is to use the sacrifice abilities that Dark Elves have while minimizing the pain of sacrificing or maximizing the gain of the sacrifice. Now, this is something that Dark Elves excel at naturally - Walking Sacrifice (AoU, 23) + Lash the Prisoner! (AoU, 37) is a combo that they have straight out of the Assault on Ulthuan expansion that will draw a card and gain 2 resources. So, the question is then, what do they gain out of this expansion? Well first of all, they gain Slave Pens (March of the Damned, 29). Slave Pens is an excellent way to get one last use out of a card that was going to die anyway or to activate your own “when this unit leaves play” types of effects, like the one on the Vanguard of Woe (Fall of Karak Grimaz, 36). Countess Iseara (March of the Damned, 49) also provides a backbone to this deck, being able to recur Walking Sacrifices for mere 1 resource before they get sacrificed again to the Slave Pen or for other card effects. The undead also provide the Crypt Ghouls (March of the Damned, 43), who when combined with the other sacrifice abilities the Dark Elves have become very useful.

The secondary purpose of this deck is to survive long enough to use the sacrifice combos. For this, we have plenty of unit removal in the Seasoned Corsairs (March of the Damned, 26), Wight Lord (MotD, 48), Vile Sorceress (Core Set, 107), Helbane’s Raiders (Fall of Karak Grimaz, 37), and We Need Your Blood (The Skavenblight Threat, 14). There is also a bit of hand disruption in the Shades (Assault on Ulthuan, 25) and Vanguard of Woe. All of these cards combo great with one of my favorite cards for the Dark Elves, Seeking New Slaves (The Silent Forge, 57). Being able to destroy your opponent’s units, discard them from your opponent’s hand, or discard them from the top of your opponent’s deck (with Dark Abyss [Fall of Karak Grimaz, 39]), and then take control of them permanently with seeking new slaves is kind of awesome.

And that is pretty much all there is to it. Feel free to use this as a foundation to build your own Dark Elf/Undead deck or to build it as is and try it out against your friends.

Thanks again, James! Look for March of the Damned on store shelves later this week, and keep checking back for the latest on Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

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