2 September 2010 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Death From Above

A Warhammer: Invasion Card of the Week


The Knights Panther, a heroic brotherhood of armoured warriors who ride into battle atop mighty warhorses, trace their origins to the terrible crusades against Araby. The Sultan's warriors fashioned panther skulls into helmets and wore the hides of exotic beasts as cloaks. At the conclusions of the crusades, one group of victorious Knights took the bloody pelts as trophies, hanging them from the pauldrons of their armour. Thus was born the Order of the Knights Panther, a courageous Order that is known and respected throughout the Empire.

Welcome back to the Warhammer: Invasion card of the week series, in which we preview an upcoming card every week! The Silent Forge, the third Battle Pack in The Enemy Cycle, will be on store shelves this week. We’ve seen a few of the powerful cards in that pack, including Esli'an, a silver-tongued cultist of Tzeentch, and Battle Pilgrims, Bretonnian warriors who hunt down the stench of corruption. Now, with our eyes fxed on the future, let's look ahead to the fourth Battle Pack in the cycle: Redemption of a Mage.

The Knight keyword has been gaining momentum for Empire players, and with the release of Redemption of a Mage, two exciting new cards continue the trend. Knights Panther is a low-cost unit that can bolster its power by spending resources, while Higher Ground is a support card that rewards your Knights for gathering in a particular zone.

With Higher Ground, you can unleash a barrage of mounted fury when you put several Knights into play in a single turn. But of course, you can get your Knights into the zone in question any number of ways, and some creative use of cards like Temple of Shallya, Battle Standard, and Forced March will allow you to quickly consolidate your strength into your battlefield for a devastating attack!.

Look for Redemption of a Mage on store shelves next month, and keep checking back for more great Warhammer: Invasion card previews!

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